A recycled teabag clipboard

DIY Mod Podge clipboard with teabags

I was more than delighted when I found Angela’s teabag clipboard on Tea With Friends. It turns out that Angela and I have a lot in common: we both love tea and Mod Podge. In terms of cost, it doesn’t get any cheaper. These type of clipboards can be found at the $1 store, and I’m assuming you already have Mod Podge (a safe assumption, no?). If you are not a tea drinker, well, you obviously need to start. This project is so easy to make – just save the wrappers from your tea, cut the fronts off and Mod Podge them to a clipboard. Let dry and give two sealing coats and you are done.


  1. Chris says

    I just want you to know that I have done two dec projects since I started reading your blog (a month ago).

    One is a metal flower tin (that had a horrible purple fly on it). I covered it with some ‘mistake’ numerical tags that I accidently printed. Then I covered over that with Starbucks antique writing looking tissue paper. Looks really great!

    I like this clipboard done with tea papers. Though, I’m going to use old papers from ric rac and needle packaging for a clipboard to go in my sewing room.

    THank you for the inspiration!

    –Vicki K.

  2. says

    You all are too kind!! Thank you.

    Vicki – thank you for reading! Please send me some pictures of your projects – I’d love to see them!! Also, I like the ric rac and packaging idea. . . that is pretty cool.

  3. Struggler says

    Brilliant! I saw the title of your posting and was very intrigued, but the finished result is clever and unique. Great job.

  4. says

    What a great idea.. sometimes I really dislike throwing away some of the cook tea bag wrappers…

    Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous 4th!
    ~Really Rainey~

  5. Anonymous says

    I have been looking at this site and find it to be really helpful. I would greatly appreciate any help.

  6. Jolie says

    I clicked on the link to learn how to do this project and since I’m not “invited” I’m unable to see it… any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Jolie! The author must have closed her blog. But to make it, you would use tea wrappers like paper – watch my video at youtube.com/modpodgerocks for the frame, and the process is the same!