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Mod Podge Car with Fabric is the Coolest

I really want a Mod Podge car! This cool car looks like it’s covered in fabric and decoupage medium. Would you ever do this to car?

Mod Podge Car with Fabric is the Coolest

Okay, so I don’t know if this is really a Mod Podge automobile – but it looks like it. It definitely could be. I spotted it on Gypsy Purple, and I’m wondering how I can get my hands on it.

For those who don’t know, Jan Wetstone, the original creator of Mod Podge in 1967, decoupaged a car with sheets back in the day. She Mod Podged on a Volkswagen Beetle, just like the Gypsy Purple car!

During the Mod Podge 45th anniversary in 2012, I got a chance to speak with Jan and ask her about the car. I was so curious how it lasted and she said her son drove it for many years!

I just thought that was so cool – and here’s a picture of the car that Jan did with the sheets:

Volkswagen Beetle decoupaged with vintage sheets using Mod Podge

Someday I’m going to own a car like this. It may not be a Beetle, but I’m going to purchase something fun on the cheap and then add vintage sheets or fabric.

And that’s the outside.

I’ve been asked several times about Mod Podging the inside of a car. To be honest – I just don’t recommend it, even though I know people do it and they do it successfully. The problem is that a lot of the materials inside a car aren’t meant to work with acrylic mediums.

They are typically plastic, coated wood, or some other resin material where decoupage medium will just peel off. If you can get it to work and don’t mind it potentially not working, then go for it. And please post your success stories below!

I just can’t personally recommend it because every car is essentially different. BUT, if you try it – #respect.

Now, the biggest thing I’ve ever Mod Podged is a bookcase. So I ask you: what is the largest item you’ve ever Mod Podged? And would you drive a Mod Podge car??

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Saturday 30th of December 2023

Reminds me of the fabrics from the sixties with the patchwork style. I don’t think I would do it unless it was a calm design or something that had a subtle look. Nothing bold for sure. So glad I could comment my opinion.

A. Schaefer

Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

I mod podged maps (from National Geographic) onto the drawer fronts of a tall five drawer dresser, then added globe drawer pulls. I love it!


Thursday 5th of January 2023

That sounds super cute!!

Ben S

Tuesday 5th of April 2022

I'm getting ready to do this exact thing I've already started the testing stage, modge podged the hood with a few small sections to see how it hoods up to the heating and cooling daily. I am actually incorporating several DIY concepts into one, heat transfers for fabric, as well as fabric pens and paint, I draw for well, I would say for a living but when you draw anime it because you love it, not because you get rich, modpod for the transfer, and I used a non-yellowing polyurethane to clear coat the ink and protect from UV to prevent fading. The last part was done before i realized that modpod expanded the product line. I grew up with a super crafty "Bob ross-Martha stewart-Julia child-Bob villa-super crafter" mom. she was always starting a new something, going into a new business or something, no matter what she was doing, she always had this stuff around. i remember once i was eating dinner and i grabbed this white and blue bottle, thinking was the mayonnaise jar, and got to bite into a very awful tasting modpod BLT, anyway, any tips or tricks would be great, as I move into the full project this summer I'll post and send pictures. thanks in advance.


Thursday 7th of April 2022

I wish I had tips or tricks for you but I have never done a car! I really would like to one day. I'm excited to see the results - thank you for sharing!!


Thursday 31st of January 2013

I absolutely adore this car! I have an old GMC truck that I want to fix up and make it look just a little more girly, and I think this would be perfect to do. Does anyone know how to do this or a website for this? :)


Tuesday 24th of July 2012

Mod Podged a couple of tables. One with maps of Long Island (my hometown), and the other with maps and newspaper on the legs...both awesome! Too bad we can't post pics :(