I’ve always wanted a decoupaged guitar

Amazing Mod Podged guitarBuuuut . . . it might be a good idea to learn how to play first, right? I’ve actually tried on several occasions to learn how to play the guitar, and it’s never quite worked out. One of the issues is that I’m a Jimi Hendrix – I want to play left handed. So I’d to have to restring the guitar, and get someone to teach me that way, and well . . . that seems like a big mess. But If I did have a guitar, and if I did play it, I’d decoupage the socks off of it. I absolutely love this blue patchwork guitar from Lori. It’s so beautiful! I’m not surprised her daughter loves it. And it matches a quilt that Lori made for her daughter as well, so it makes it even better. If you want to learn more about this amazing guitar (and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t), click the link below.

Mod Podge guitar tutorial at a bee in my bonnet


  1. Rachel says

    the guitar looks sexy actually.. I also tried to learn how to play guitar, but I have tiny hands and I can’t reach the chords.. I haven’t had money that time when I was eager to learn, but eventually forgot or just gave up even though I could buy a customized guitar.. I just jammed with my brother and my friends who knows how to play.. well, I kinda sing. 😉