Simple and easy valentines cards idea

decoupage valentines cards with Mod PodgeHandmade cards are a sweet way to send a personal message on Valentine’s Day. I enjoy making valentines cards, and I’ve always wanted to create easy greeting cards with decoupage and layers of tissue paper . . . so why not make one for my Valentine.

Amy’s My Aqua Valentine series last year inspired me to combine the blue and fuchsia colors in this card. And a little neon confetti notebook that I made this summer is the reason I covered the card with scattered hearts.

Here’s how to make a handmade valentine with Mod Podge!

handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-02_zpsf0d11279Supplies needed:


handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-03_zpsfee84eb2Step 1. Cut an 8.5” by 11” piece of white card stock in half (5.5” x 8.5”). Fold that piece in half to create a small card that will be 4.25” wide and 5.5” high. Cut out a smaller panel of blue cardstock to fit on the front of the card. (mine was 3.75” x 5”)

handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-01_zpsf6b085f4Step 2. Use a paper punch to make a bunch of little hearts from white and pink tissue paper.

handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-04_zps3fbcc99cStep 3.  Apply a thin layer of decoupage to one side of the blue paper.

handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-05_zps8ca3bcfbWorking quickly, drop the little hearts into the decoupage. I laid mine down randomly and didn’t really have a pattern in mind (because I live dangerously like that, haha!). I used only one little pink heart so it stood out from the white shapes.

handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-06_zps259a9ae2Step 4. After the Mod Podge dries, apply another thin coat of decoupage over the tissue paper hearts to seal and protect them. Allow that layer to dry.


handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-10_zps85ee3a59Step 5. Stamp a sweet sentiment on the inside of the card. If you want, apply a little decoupage and a couple of pink hearts on the inside of the card, too.

handmade-valentine-card-idea-decoupage-08_zps1f6264acStep 6: Use double sided tape or scrapbook adhesive and attach the blue panel of paper to the front of the card. Sign the card and give it to your sweetheart! So simple!

simple-handmade-valentines-idea-decoupage_zps36ada252I’ve never made a card with decoupage before and I really liked how easy it was to create! The brushstrokes within the decoupage give the card character and a ‘handmade’ texture.

And I love the translucency of the tissue paper layers. I bet it would be pretty to use multi-colored papers and other shapes, too. I can’t wait to make more cards like this for other holidays!

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