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Dollar Store Coasters Get a Makeover

Dollar store coasters get a neat makeover with some graphics and Mod Podge. Download the free printable labels and try this cool craft!

Skills Required: Beginner. It helps to have experience with Mod Podge or crafting simply to avoid wrinkling. You’ll also be mixing Envirotex Lite, which is a two part resin.

Dollar Store Coasters Get a Makeover

Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road. If you’ve visited my Etsy store or followed along on my blog you’ll know I am the “coaster guy.”

I make my custom coasters entirely by hand, from cutting the wood base to the final bit of cork on the back. However, I’m always interested in new ways to make coasters (skin a cat, if you will!).

These custom coasters are made with supplies from the dollar store, and they look like vintage milk lids! Get the free printable and tutorial here.

While poking around the Dollar Tree, I discovered they had tons of these plastic coaster blanks just begging for a makeover. So I grabbed a set and started playing around.

As you may also know I’m all about vintage, and I’m kinda nuts about vintage dairy bottle top graphics these days. I thought it would be cool to make these look like big bottle tops, so I scanned some of my favorite bottle top graphics and got to work..

I had most of the supplies for these dollar store coasters on hand.

DIY coasters from the Dollar Store

Dollar Store Coasters

Gather These Supplies

The coaster blanks came with a circle of cork that I needed to remove. I discovered it peeled up pretty easily and a bit of Goo Gone took care of any remaining residue or bits of cork.

I used the double sided tape to stick my coasters in place while I painted them.

Vintage Dairy Label Coasters Tutorial
Dollar Store Craft Vintage Label Coasters

A bit of Mod Podge attached the graphic to the coaster base . . .

Vintage Coaster Tutorial

and once that had dried for 15 – 20 minutes I applied a sealing coat of Mod Podge. The sealing coat is very important because the Envirotex will eat through any unsealed paper and ruin the coaster.

My recommendation is to let the final coat dry overnight before using the resin, just to make sure it’s completely dry before application.

Easy Custom Coasters Tutorial

Once the sealing coat of Mod Podge was totally dry, I mixed up the Envirotex and poured it on. (I use Envirotex all the time and it works great but you must follow their directions very, very closely)

And that’s all there is to these dollar store coasters.

These custom coasters are made with supplies from the dollar store, and they look like vintage milk lids! Get the free printable and tutorial here.

You can, of course, use any round graphic that might appeal to you to make your custom coasters, but if you would like to use my vintage milk bottle graphics just visit this link:

Vintage Milk Bottle Dairy Label Free Printable

Download a high resolution PDF (I’ve included six labels so you have some choices).

Alternate Options

If you can’t find the coaster blanks at your dollar store, I was thinking a similar effect could be easily and affordably done using the saucer from a small clay pot. You could even use a good sized metal lid from a jar.

I used Envirotex because it would add a bit of weight to the coasters but Hard Coat or Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge would work very well (just make sure you let them totally cure).

Did you enjoy this dollar store coasters makeover? If so, I’d love for you to check out the following projects:


Thursday 10th of March 2016

I have seen people also use little terracotta pieces for the same effect but I like that these are lighter. A cool idea too would be to turn these into little wall photos. Just add some ribbon to the back and put in some little artwork, a picture of your pet, or maybe a photo of a family member!


Tuesday 26th of January 2016

These coasters are super cute! I love them!


Julie @ follow your heart woodworking

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

David makes the coolest things and these coasters are no exception!