Valentine craft for kids: heart glass clings

Valentine craft for kids: heart glass clingsOne of the first projects I made for My Aqua Valentine is a valentine craft for kids – heart window clings! Perfect for children, but absolutely awesome fun for adults as well. Can you believe that you can make window clings out of acrylic paint and Mod Podge? I’ve done it before, and I couldn’t resist doing it again with some new colors. This time it was turquoise and gold, perfectly appropriate for my Valentine’s Day series. Are you interested in keeping your children busy for hours, making and then playing with clings? Take a peek at the tutorial below.

IMG_5181Gather These Supplies

IMG_5182I squeezed Mod Podge directly onto the leading blank. Just make a big puddle.

IMG_5184Squeeze some paint directly into the Mod Podge. You only need a little. The less paint you add, the more translucent the clings will be. I love being able to use up leftover paint!

IMG_5185Mix it up with the palette knife. Kids can definitely do this part – Mod Podge is non-toxic and made in the USA (so is the paint).

IMG_5186Spread it out onto the leading blank. Look at that awesome color! Let dry overnight.

IMG_5215Peel the Mod Podge off of the surface in one peel. I turned the Mod Podge patty over and started drawing hearts on the back with a silver Sharpie. The more translucent the Mod Podge patty, the lighter the Sharpie you’ll want to use, so that you can’t see the draw lines when you put them in the window.

OR maybe you can cut hearts out with out drawing them first. I cannot. As you can see above, I can barely draw a heart freehand, much less cut one. What is my problem?

IMG_5216Cut your hearts out of the Mod Podge patty.

IMG_5217Here are some of the finished hearts on the Leading Blank. You won’t want to stack the clings on top of each other because they will definitely stick together. Leave them like this until you want to cling them to the window.

Valentine craft for kids: heart glass clings

Valentine craft for kids: heart glass clingsHave fun sticking! If it’s a bit colder and you want them to stick, just warm them up in your hands or blow your hot breath on the back. They will stick well.

When you aren’t using the clings, store them on the leading blank so that they don’t stick together (you can put them in a gallon Ziploc). Have fun sticking – and use tons of paint colors (but mostly aqua).


  1. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    These are TOO fun! And I adore the color scheme. Putting this on my to do list to make with the kiddos! (And sharing on FB!)

  2. DesignedByBH says

    Wow! I woudn’t have come up with that in a million years, but it’s such a simple and fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Gr8mammy says

    Cute idea, ( : I was going to ask if you had tried cutting it with a die-cutting machine, using one of the little all metal dies, but before I could start typing, a new thought popped in. I wonder how it would turn out if you were to spread it out on the inside of an open embossing folder instead of onto a leading blank. Hmmmmm…………..


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