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Lunch Box Jokes For Kids (Free Printable!)

Lunch box jokes for kids are a real treat when they open their brown bag! Get a free printable sheet of four here. So cute and funny!

Children absolutely love finding lunch box jokes when they open their brown bag! Get a free printable sheet of four here.

My mom is a first grade teacher, so naturally, she is always telling me about all the cute things parents do for their kids. I don’t know where some parents come up with this stuff, but . . . I guess I’m glad they do.

Because I don’t.

That means if I’m going to be mother of the year, I’m going to have to rely on other people’s ideas. Join me if you’re in the same boat!

One of the things she told me about what putting cute little notes in their child’s lunch box so that they knew their mom was thinking about them.

Since I first heard about them, I’ve noticed how popular lunch box jokes have become! I liked the idea so I decided to take it a step further and make my own sheet!

If you’re a mother looking for shortcuts on great ideas, I’ve got a printable for you. I hope you’ll use it! Since the notes are designed to be recycled, just print on regular printer paper.

(Don’t forget to grab all of our free printables here).

Lunch Box Notes for Kids

One final thought: While I thought this idea was sweet, I thought back to my school days and realized I’d much rather find a joke in my lunch box than some mushy note (sorry, mom!) . . . so, here you have it! Some printable lunch box jokes to add to your kids’ lunch.

Download the free printable lunchbox notes here

Do you want more lunch box notes to share? I’ve got a bunch of options for you at my blog DIY Candy below: