I heart you DIY picture frame

How to make an "I love you" Valentine's Day frame with a buntingWait a second – who is that little twerp in the frame? Why that’s me! As part of My Aqua Valentine, I decided to dress up a wood frame with a love message on chipboard “bunting.” I used items completely from my stash, so this DIY picture frame cost me $1 total. I realize not everyone has little bunting flags, but actually, these are worth purchasing because they are so stinkin’ cute. So cute that I needed to use them as soon as possible.

How to make an "I love you" Valentine's Day frame with a buntingI liked using the scalloped versus non-scalloped flags. And I got to use my very favorite FolkArt color, Patina. The result is a frame I really like – and might keep out past Valentine’s Day. It would also make a great gift. To make one for yourself, keep reading.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_5198Supplies! I love Patina so much that I have tons of bottles.

IMG_5218Paint all of the flags with Patina, then let them dry.

IMG_5226Paint the frame with Silver Sterling. You’ll have to give it a few coats, but then it will shine brightly.

IMG_5228Use the typewriter stencils and white paint to add the lettering of your choice to the flags. I didn’t even use tape – I just held the stencil in place and then used the small stencil brush to lightly paint on the lettering.

IMG_5260I sealed all of the flags with Mod Podge and glued the heart shape onto the single, un-stenciled flag (the heart shape comes with the flags).

IMG_5261You’ll want super thin ribbon to fit through the holes. Figure out what length you are going to use, cut the ribbon and string it through the pennants.

IMG_5262Glue everything down and let it dry.

How to make an "I love you" Valentine's Day frame with a buntingI’m so pleased with my frame, and I love the mini-bunting. Now to find the right recipient . . .

If you are a beginning Mod Podger, I highly recommend starting with a DIY picture frame frame. Click here for tons of posts that include Mod Podged frames.

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  1. nana_4x says

    What a neat little frame…you make it look so easy! I’m going to have to try this one. Keep up the great work…you have great ideas!

  2. Shannon MadiganMade says

    Amy – you are so right… that bunting is adorable! Loving the teal (but I can’t say I’m surprised you picked that color ;D). Cute, cute, cute!