I want this Mod Podged car

Mod Podge fabric car
Okay, so I don’t know if it’s really Mod Podged – but it looks like it. It definitely could be. I spotted it on Gypsy Purple, and I’m wondering how I can get my hands on it. The biggest thing I’ve ever Mod Podged is a toy chest. So I ask you: what is the largest item you’ve ever Mod Podged?



    Wao..i wish i can gift you any car like this!!
    well what do you think isn’t it seems like Pakistani Truck Art..?Yay..
    colorful as that but its Mod Podge & Truck art is color painted creativity :)
    well thanks for sharing this cute car with us!!

  2. Etcetorize says

    Wow, that is sooooo cool! It looks like they used fabric. The biggest thing I’ve done is a chair, I’d like to do a headboard though~

  3. Meg@MegaCrafty says

    The biggest thing I’ve ever done were a pair of crutches. It wasn’t a lot of surface area but they were tall and clunky.

  4. Michele Pacey says

    What!!!!!????? That is the best! It actually looks like it’s upholstered or something… Awesome!

  5. River Cat Rascal says

    Love love love the car! Now I want to do it to mine! lol I’m a fairly recent Mod Podgeaholic!

  6. Deb says

    I have a soft spot for vintage VW’s anyway…then Mod Podged with fabric? MY heart be still!!


  7. says

    I just might need to do this. I have a ’97 4 runner that is sorley in discoloration on the hood and roof. It’s trickling down to the car. She is in great shape otherwise. But the paint makes me feel sad when i get in to drive her. A bit of color and a tank of mod podge… sounds perfectly colorful.
    thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Gloria Westerman says

    If I had three wishes I would wish one of these for you….(now where did I put my genie bottle)…this is just to fun….and would so love to do this to my car….(what would my Mustang look like)..the largest thing I’ve Mod Podge is an mini album….kindled lame huh….thanks for sharing this in-creatable creations…

  9. Patti says

    LOVE the car! The biggest thing I have mod podged is a card table, and it turned out great.

  10. Craft 4 Change says

    Awesome! It reminds me of the cars I’ve seen in the “Art Car Museum” in Houston! Very cool! ~~Robyne~~

  11. Doreen says

    That should stop traffic! Hmmm, everything I’ve ever mod podged is usually smaller than a bread box.

  12. WhichCraft-Liz says

    LOVE the CAR! You always find the coolest things. lol. The biggest thing I’ve ever mod podged is wooden letters….lots of them.


  13. Notyouraveragehomeschoolmom says

    I mod podged my girls closet doors with contact paper from the Dollar Tree. It’s white with black roses. I did it to match the Paris theme in their room, black and pink and white. They came out nice and are a big wow factor in there. I did use all of my mod podge though :(

  14. purplesunset24 says

    OK… Now I want to mod podge my van just like that.

    The largest thing I’ver ever mod podged was a jewlery box for my sister.

  15. says

    I love this….such 60’s flare and on a bug even. Love it, love it! I think the biggest thing I have ever podged was a childs table top. Remember strawberyy shortcake? Yep she had the whole design going on (my daughter that is). bedding, curtains and an extra pillow case podged to the top of her child sized play table. It was fun.

  16. One of The Wildwomen says

    While in Israel and Egypt, we saw a lot of cars decorated like this, can’t remember why, but, it’s a part of their culture.

  17. rthgrl says

    Mod Podged a couple of tables. One with maps of Long Island (my hometown), and the other with maps and newspaper on the legs…both awesome! Too bad we can’t post pics :(

  18. Aislinn says

    I absolutely adore this car! I have an old GMC truck that I want to fix up and make it look just a little more girly, and I think this would be perfect to do. Does anyone know how to do this or a website for this? :)