Valentine’s Day DIY gift tag

This unique DIY gift tag looks like a real cookie, but it's actually a salt dough ornament with fake Mod Podge Dimensional Magic jelly!Vanessa from Tried and True has made the absolute best Valentine’s Day gift tags ever. If you’ll notice above, they look just like real cookies! I’m pleased to have Vanessa here today to share the tutorial with you. I love her blog and her style. I will let her share her tutorial to make her very special DIY gift tag.

Add a super sweet Valentine cookie gift tag to that special gift and you’re sure to melt hearts! You’re going to need some salt dough to start with. I like Homemade Grits’ easy recipe but really, you can use any of them. And what gift to add the tag to? Visit Tried and True for the Honey Strawberry Sugar Scrub and free printable!


  • salt dough
  • cut-out cookie cutter
  • bronzing powder (optional)
  • small piece of wire
  • strong glue
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • gel food coloring
  • toothpick


cutoutornaments01sm1. Prepare, cut and bake your “cookies.” Major brownie points if you’re able to get them perfectly golden. If not, don’t worry! We’ll fix them in the next step. Allow to cool completely.

cutoutornaments03sm2. Now to make your perfectly browned cookies . . . with bronzing powder. Gently brush the edges with a make up brush and bronzer. Don’t go too crazy. You want them to look like they’re fresh out of the oven, not fresh out of Jersey Shore. Don’t they look more realistic now?

cutoutornaments04sm3. Attach a small piece of wire to the inside of the back cookie with strong glue.

cutoutornaments05sm4. Now the fun part, making the jelly! First, make a border around the edge of the cookie with your glue to prevent the Dimensional Magic from dripping off. Apply a liberal amount of Dimensional Magic to the center of the back cookie. Using the toothpick, mix in gel food coloring until you are happy with the color. Don’t worry if you don’t put enough Dimensional Magic, you can add more after the cookies are sandwiched together. Squeeze the two cookies together and lay perfectly flat until Dimensional Magic is completely dry.

This unique DIY gift tag looks like a real cookie, but it's actually a salt dough ornament with fake Mod Podge Dimensional Magic jelly!5. Once the Dimensional Magic is hard, you’re good to go with your Valentine cookie DIY gift tag! Just string your wrapping ribbon through the small wire and tie a big, beautiful bow. I promise, your Valentine is going to love you!

vdaycookie03smThanks to Vanessa for the great guest post. Please visit Tried and True for more of Vanessa’s greatness.


  1. MegansBeadedDesigns says

    These are so adorable, and they look so real i could just EAT THEM. :-) lol

  2. debra kallen says

    Where did the Valentine cookie gift tag go? I was going to make it and I can’t seem to find it. I love it!