Christmas subway art and banner free printables

Christmas subway art and banner free printablesHave you been to the blog eighteen 25? You have to go. They have fun stuff. And printables. And giveaways. And they are all sisters. I’m there today, and they are here. So read their post below, with free Christmas subway art and a banner. You can use Mod Podge with these goodies Then go visit eighteen 25 to see what I cooked up.

While Amy is sharing her fun project over at our blog today . . . the three of us sisters from eighteen 25 will be sharing something we think is pretty exciting over here!  Two little things that are pretty popular right now: subway art and a pennant banner.  We hope you all enjoy!

Christmas Subway Art and Banner (above)

Just three easy steps and you’ll have your own Christmas subway art to display.

1.  Download and print document. This subway art is nice and big (16″ x 20″) – we had ours printed at Costco. (One of our readers shared a tip when ordering from Costco – under print options, check the “do not auto-correct my prints” box – thanks Courtney).

Download 16x20xmassubart

2.  Buy a frame. We used a 40% off coupon and got a great deal on a frame from Aaron Brothers.

3.  Add the print to the frame. We’re sure you already know how to do that!

Christmas subway art and banner free printablesNow onto the banner . . .

You’ll need to download and print the pennants. Then gather some white cardstock, bias tape and adhesive and follow the simple steps we recently shared in a tutorial here.

Download Bannerxmas

IMG_8179_web copyAfter the work is done, find a fireplace mantle or your favorite shelf and do a little arranging. Want to add some glitter trees?  Get the how-to here. They are so simple and fun! There you have it – Christmas decorations in a jiff. Hope you can put these ideas to good use!

Thanks so much for having us Amy!

I love these sisters, I love their blog.  Don’t forget to visit eighteen 25 here.


  1. TidyMom says

    I LOVE eighteen25……and SO thrilled they shared this subway art!! they sure were getting a lot of questions about it some where else! lol

    Downloading it NOW!

  2. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Love the subway art! I’m all about the downloadables offered by such generous bloggers! It can be a real time saver for me and I’ve been trying to do duplicates for my daughter as she is on a tight budget.

  3. Sylvia says

    Ooh ooh ooh….I was hoping you were going to make the subway art available. Love eighteen25!! Thanks ladies. :)

  4. Lauren Davison says

    Amy–I don’t know if you got my reply on my blog, but feel free to link to my spice jars! That would be so fun!

  5. Raimi says

    Can somebody please help me! I really want to have the Subway art printed. I have saved the subway art file but once I am at the Costco site, I don’t now how to upload it since it saves as an Adobe file. I hope that makes sense and thank you for the help!


  6. e.mel says

    So much fun! Thank you for introducing us to this super great blog! Totally going to share with friends….

  7. Demarcus Family says

    HELP! I also can not upload it at Costco site.. it is saving as an adobe file!
    I love this :)

  8. amyorr says

    Help me too! I am having the same problem! I was trying to do mine at Sam’s Club on it won’t download a PDF file.

  9. Sam and Megan says

    I can’t print it either because it is an adobe file. This is so darling and I would love to have it! I can print it as an 8×10 but I would love the 16×20. Is there any way that they can post it as a jpeg so that we can print it at costco or another store?

  10. Lisa says

    Love it!!!! Just got my email from Costco saying my print is being processed. I can’t wait to go pick it up…..