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easy kids craft button birdhouses

Easy kids craft: buttoned up birdhouses

Howdy! I'm Justine from the Sew Country Chick blog, and today I'm sharing a simple and fun easy kids craft you can make with your children using Mod Podge Washout, Apple Barrel paint, buttons, and inexpensive mini birdhouses from the hobby shop. My girls love doing decoupage projects - what kid doesn't? Mod Podge Washout for kids is perfect … [Read more...]

Mod Podged birdhouses

An easy way to Mod Podge a birdhouse

I love Mod Podging cute little birdhouses - and if you are a beginning Podger, I think you would love it too. Justine did it with her children and they had a blast . . . and they made the most fun birdhouses that you can use on a mantle or spring table! If you want to learn to Mod Podge or teach your children, I recommend a project just like this. … [Read more...]

Mod Podge birdhouse

Bright and cheery birdhouses

I've always loved the little $1 birdhouses you can get a craft stores - and I think it's a fun idea to make a display with them. Fonda's caught my eye . . . and why do you think? Hello stripes, polka dots and the color blue! I love the way she put them on pedestals and made a mantle display out of her collection, and it would be so cute for … [Read more...]

Gnomes live outdoors - so it only makes sense that they would turn a regular birdhouse into a Mod Podged gnome birdhouse. I love Mod Podge Outdoor!

Mod Podged gnome birdhouse

So . . . who here likes garden gnomes? Raise your hand!! Me mee meee! Am I the only one raising my hand? Gnomes are so fun and remind me of spring - as do birdhouses. So to celebrate, I created a birdhouse for some of my family members with spring colors and a happy gnome. You'll need a birdhouse to start, and the rest is fun. Gather These … [Read more...]

Mod Podge love birdhouse

Valentine’s Day mini-birdhouse

Valentine's Day mantels are a big deal. I had no idea. Did you know this? Why didn't you tell me? Ha! I've never been a big Valentine's Day fan, but I have to say that I'm seeing more cute projects this year than I ever have. My hard heart might be melting just a teensy bit. I spotted this little love birdhouse from Katie at Sew Woodsy and thought … [Read more...]

Mod Podge faux birdhouse

DIY birdhouse key holder

I was browsing Flickr recently and happened upon this ever-so-gorgeous birdhouse key holder by Pearl of krafty pearl. I can't believe how awesome it is! That's not true, I can believe it  From the little birdie accents to the pom-pom trim . . . I need one as soon as possible. I wouldn't put keys on it, but I would definitely hang jewelry from the … [Read more...]

How to make a nightlight

Birdhouse in your soul pattern tissue nightlight

I like two things A LOT about this pattern tissue nightlight guest posted by Jessica on CRAFT. First of all, I love decoupaging with pattern tissue (remember my large pattern gift box?). Secondly, I love the song that this saying comes from. Do you know it? I'll let you guess. If you're new to decoupage/Mod Podge, this is a super easy project to … [Read more...]

Mod Podge board book house

Simply green board book birdhouse

I found this birdhouse on Daily Danny - an eco-friendly blog by green living expert Danny Seo - and it reminded me of a funny story. You see, I LOVED The Fox & Hound when I was little. So much so that my mom ordered me a personalized Fox & Hound story where the printer puts the child's (my) name in the text (see an example of what I'm … [Read more...]

Halloween Eek sign Mod Podge

Halloween birdhouse, ornaments and Eek letters

Halloween week at Mod Podge Rocks brings many interesting projects - and more than one a day, because I can't get enough of Halloween. Melissa from Bursts of Creativity gives a birdhouse a much-needed polka dot upgrade with some whimsical characters. I love the cute Dracula. The original tutorial is no longer there, but this picture can give you … [Read more...]

This birdhouse frame is a great way to get good looking home decor on a budget! The birdhouses were only $1, and you can change them out for each season.

Birdhouse frame home decor piece

Hello Mod Podge Rocks readers! I am Lindsey, and I craft over at Inspiring Creations. I am so excited to be here sharing my birdhouse frame! I love Amy's blog and I especially LOVE Mod Podge. I love crafting, but I also have a very small budget - so I try to make things that are inexpensive but super cute. I love decorating for the holidays, so you … [Read more...]

DIY seed packet garden sign with Mod Podge

Make a seed packet garden sign

Seed packets are actually quite perfect for decoupaging. Why? Because they are a little bit thicker (so they don't really wrinkle when you Podge), and they also have a pretty picture on the front. Kelly actually did this cute DIY garden sign project with a printable rather than real seed packets, but hey, I'll leave that up to you. … [Read more...]

Embroidery hoop kids art

Embroidery hoop kids’ art

Children's art is something I just can't get enough of. I love looking back and my old artwork and remembering what life used to be like when I was a kid. I hope my girls are able to look back on their lives one day and remember all of the ways they were able to express themselves through art. This embroidery hoop art idea is such a great one. It's … [Read more...]

20 Easy and fun Mod Podge Kids' Crafts

20 easy and fun Mod Podge kids crafts

Some of you have come to the end of summer - and some of you aren't quite there yet. If you aren't quite there yet, don't worry, the kids are going back to school soon! Ha! Until then, and if you ever need some quick and easy craft ideas for the little ones, here are 20 Mod Podge kids crafts they'll love. Click through the slideshow for a ton of … [Read more...]

22 really fun Mod Podge garden crafts

22 unique Mod Podge garden crafts

I love tooling around outside. I find calm in pulling weeds and spreading bark mulch. Does anyone else feel that way? Of course it's better when it's not blazing outside, but this is one activity I can even enjoy in the heat. Given that warm weather is around the corner and the Mod Podge Outdoor is ready to roll, I'm sharing 22 Mod Podge garden … [Read more...]

mod podge birdhouse key hooks

Bird house key hooks

Sometimes I sneak a craft in here that isn't made with Mod Podge, but you could make it with Mod Podge. This is one of those crafts. You see, I love the birdhouses that you can get for $1 at the craft store, and I think it was such a smart idea to add hooks for keys. Use a little paper or washi tape and throw some Mod Podge onto them and you are … [Read more...]

Mod Podge kids craft - milk carton birdhouses

Some colorful bird feeders

Okay, I know it's a little late to be posting summer projects, but these were so cute I had to feature them somehow. At her blog, Candice features these painted and decoupaged cartons (you can use old milk cartons) that were turned into crafty birdhouses by her children. I love the colors, I love the papers, and I think you should keep these on … [Read more...]

haunted house 1

Wallpaper punkins, Halloween village and skull earrings

Jenny from Crescendoh is a master Mod Podger and a fellow Brave Girl, so that means she is good peeps. Her wee white wallpaper pumpkins are so cute that I had to share them with you. The black pom poms also add something special - VERY special. These are quick to whip up; go here for the tutorial. If I had to pick a Halloween village to live in, … [Read more...]

Mod Podge Halloween plaque and birdhouse

Make mini Halloween decorations

Yay! I've been waiting all year, and it's finally here - the week before Halloween. That means I'm going to post Mod Podge Halloween projects all week. I like Halloween because: -Orange and black are nice together -You can dress up like anybody or anything you want -Candeh is yummeh -No gift giving pressure -Mod Podge projects are the most … [Read more...]