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Does your little one make messes during meal time? Use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to make this unique DIY placemat from a map!

Waterproof map DIY placemat

Hi friends! This is Megan from Homemade Ginger again! I'm back with another super easy DIY for you all today. When I discovered Dishwasher safe Mod Podge, I couldn't wait to give it a try! My 2 year old makes huge messes at meal times and a placemat is a must. I decided to use some dishwasher safe Mod Podge to make a super cute DIY placemat that … [Read more...]

I wanted to create a photo frame where switching out photos would be simple and easy. This map craft gives you that perfect interchangeable background.

Map craft: photo frame background

As our family keeps growing, we love to display up to date photos on our walls. I've always find it a bit of a chore to switch out our photos so often even though I love seeing them around our home. I wanted to create a photo frame where switching out photos would be simple and easy. If you enjoy displaying vintage inspired designs in your home … [Read more...]

Use Mod Podge and a cool vintage map from the Library of Congress to make this decoupage art. It'll look great with your home decor!

Vintage style Mod Podge map craft

Happy summer, friends! Natalie here from and I am so excited to share with you this festive map craft just in time for the 4th of July! Did you know that there are tons of free map images that you can find through the Library of Congress?? It's true! There are tons of royalty free images and maps that you can easily download and use … [Read more...]

Revamp a free promo notebook using a map and Mod Podge - so easy and budget friendly!

Easy map craft: notebook makeover

Hi all! This is Heidi from Hands Occupied. A favorite promo item companies like to give out are notebooks with their logos on them. The thing is, you might not necessarily want to walk around rocking one brand's logo for the months (or years) you're filling that notebook with ideas and to do lists. A great way to makeover a notebook is with map … [Read more...]

Easy birthplace map keychains

Easy birthplace map keychains

If you haven't tried the Mod Podge Podgeable shapes, your life is about to get way more fun. These shapes can do it all . . . if only they could do the dishes! (ba-dum). Enough horrible jokes, at least for now. Amanda made this keychain using the shapes as charms, and for each individual charm, she included an image of the map where one of her … [Read more...]

Mod Podge travel map boxes and canvas

Mod Podge travel map boxes and canvas

I used to be a big travel pants. That is, before I developed a fear of flying :0! Yes, I'll still do it, but man, it scares me. I'm going to try to overcome it this year though - I have some places I want to go! On my list are Iceland and Peru. Yes, they are completely different, but that's how I roll! I want to go to the hot springs in Iceland and … [Read more...]

Do you love decoupaging with maps? These map blocks are such a fun Mod Podge project - perfect for a kids' room or bookshelf!

Mod Podge toy map blocks

I've said before that I love Mod Podging with maps. It's really one of my favorite things to do. Well, NBC/iVillage recently asked me to be a part of their 30 Days of HoliDIY and make some map blocks that you could give as presents. Of course I said "where do I sign up?" They were published on the iVillage site and now I'm reproducing … [Read more...]

Cover your drawers in maps!

Map organizational drawers

Whenever I go into a big box store in search of a fun organizational drawer, I always seem to leave empty handed. I just can never find any that I love or that would match my decor in any way. It's really disheartening. Thankfully, crafty people like Dinah are around to remind me that I can cover (pretty much) anything and make it beautiful again. … [Read more...]

For those who love the world - a heart map

For those who love the world – a heart map

I know I say this a lot about projects, but, ummm . . . WOW! Look how cool this heart map is. I really like how far away it looks just like a fun map, but then up close you can see that it's made from tiny hearts. So creative and so deep. What a great reminder to love the world around us! You may not believe theis, but it's an awesome project for a … [Read more...]

DIY paper strip map art

Paper scrap map

I love me a good quote, and this my friends, is a good quote! I love how Katie mixed great words with great art. The fun paper scraps add such great color, while the black of the map adds a little bit of drama to the piece. Paper scrap map at Punk Projects … [Read more...]

Map craft - how to make a clock

Map craft: how to make a clock

I had to jump on board the map craft train, my friends. I hadn't done a map decoupage craft yet and figured it was just about time. I needed a gift for a dude and figured something like this would be perfect for his office or man cave. I used gold and distressing for a more vintage look, and I'm really happy with the results. This clock is very … [Read more...]

DIY antique map wall clock

DIY antique map wall clock

There is something about anything antique that is so one of a kind. Add the word antique and I'm sold. I could go everyday to our local antique stores just to see what's new (ironic I know). This antique wall clock is amazing. Not only does it look modern with the amazing clock, but the antique map gives it that wonderful vintage feel. Antique Map … [Read more...]

mod podge map necklace

Glass map DIY necklace

How fun would this necklace be as a gift for a friend or family member? Since the map is just paper Mod Podged to the pendant and covered with a glass piece. The great thing about projects like this is that they are so easy to customize to fit your own style and taste. On top of that, they look like you spent a good amount of money on them. That's … [Read more...]

22 Mod Podge map crafts you'll love

22 Mod Podge map crafts you’ll love

I said it recently in the Mod Podge Rocks Facebook group and I'll say it again here - we should all be decoupaging maps to everything. Okay, maybe that's not such a great idea, but I really love Mod Podge map crafts. Aren't they awesome? When I first started thinking about putting together a collection of decoupaged map projects, I didn't realize … [Read more...]


Map covered night stand

I love me a good furniture revamp, and this one did not disappoint. I'm loving the pale blue paint mixed with the colors in the map that is Mod Podged to the top. Seriously, every little detail of this piece makes me want to go find a piece of furniture to makeover. Grabbing my Mod Podge now! Map covered night stand at Chase the Star … [Read more...]

Map desk

DIY map desk

My mom recently gave me a small children's desk from an old school house. While I loved the history behind the desk, frankly? It had seen better days. It's all scratched and the paint is chipping everywhere. Basically, it's just a hot mess. This desk by A Bunch of Bishops really inspired me, though! I think the map is such a great idea because it's … [Read more...]

Map covered lampshade

Clever DIY map lamp revamp

How many times have you been to the thrift store and seen rows upon rows of lamps? They are so easy to pass by, simply because most of them just seem so boring or out of style. Sometimes, it's hard for me to remember that a little paint and Mod Podge can go a long way. Check out the link below to see how Stephanie transformed an 80s brass lamp into … [Read more...]

map wall art

Easy US map wall art DIY

Are you looking for an insanely easy map wall art DIY? This map that Morena made for her son's retro car themed room is, in a word, amazing! It fits the theme perfectly, and the paper she used? Hilarious. "In a state of denial" is my favorite, but the others are great too. For a full tutorial on how to make map wall art of your own, click the link … [Read more...]

Mod Podge map covered letters

Map covered letters

Maps are a great way to dress up otherwise plain projects. I love the feel that the maps give to these letters, and think they'd look amazing displayed on a gallery wall. It would also be really cute to cover the word "LOVE" in maps of places that meant something to you and your significant other. Or, even maps of places you have traveled by … [Read more...]

DIY fabric wall map

Mod Podge fabric wall map

I frequently share projects that use up fabric scraps - but typically they are projects that use up only a few project scraps. This project is different. This fabric wall map uses up a lot of fabric scraps . . . and then afterward you have an amazing piece of home decor. Brook made it for $6 because all she needed to do was buy the plywood. So I … [Read more...]

DIY map folding desk

Mod Podge map folding chair desks

I love Mod Podge and maps together. I think the reason is because I have always like navigating, and if I go on a trip I want to be the navigator rather than the driver. I remember driving across the country before GPS and having an atlas as opposed to a phone to tell me where to go. It was kind of exciting! Beth used Mod Podge and maps in her … [Read more...]

Mod Podge Scrap Paper DIY Map

Scrap paper map

I realized the other day that in the past year I've been to 24 states. With all my travels across the country this year, I totally need a map just like this one made by Mandy and her kids. She used up a bunch of leftover scrapbook paper to make it and entertained her children at the same time AND got a unique piece of home decor that the fam can … [Read more...]

How to make a decoupage wall map

DIY decoupage map

Sometimes you want a statement piece of art but you don't want to pay the big bucks to get it. I can completely understand that philosophy because I don't have unlimited funds. Especially now that I'm a freelancer. You can get the look of an expensive piece of vintage map art for less by using color copies, a canvas or piece of wood and our lil' … [Read more...]

DIY chalkboard chargers with maps and Mod Podge

Map and chalkboard chargers

Are you a map junkie? And do you like chalkboard paint? Now you can have the best of both worlds with Debbie's map and chalkboard chargers. She did such an amazing job edging the chargers with maps and Mod Podge Gloss, and you can write a personalized message for your guests right in the middle. I need some right now. If you do too, visit the … [Read more...]