Decoupage Christmas Ornaments Are Fun and Easy!

Tips & tricks

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Are you looking for fun and easy decoupage ornaments to make for Christmas? These are so fun and sparkly – any age can try them!

Mod Podge Paper mache ornaments  Fabric scraps  Embellishments Flat paintbrush  Craft Glue Scissors

Supplies You’ll Need

Cut your fabric into manageable bits – circles, squares, octahedrons – whatever!

Add Mod Podge to the paper mache ornament - place a piece of fabric down and then brush over it to smooth it down.

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Repeat, continuing to add Mod Podge and place more fabric squares. As you cover one side of the ball, let it dry.

You're kids will love these!

Kids should keep coating and adding fabric. I had a great time! I fully believe adults should join in on kids Christmas crafts. Do you?