Learn How to Mod Podge for Beginners

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If you’ve never decoupaged before or just have some questions, use this resource to learn how to Mod Podge. Includes FAQs, videos, how-tos and more!

About Mod Podge

Is Mod Podge really Elmer’s glue?

No. MP can glue things down, but it is also a sealer and a finish. It has “special” ingredients that school/craft glue doesn’t have.

Can I use Mod Podge with paint?

Absolutely – well mostly. You can use it with acrylic paint, and I highly recommend FolkArt Acrylic Paint as my brand of choice.

What You Need to Mod Podge Project surface Mod Podge Scrapbook paper or fabric Acrylic paint Paintbrushes Scissors

1. Prepare your surface for decoupage by sanding, then base coat with paint. 2. Pick your Mod Podge formula. 3. Prepare your items to be Mod Podged - either scrapbook paper, fabric, tissue paper, etc. 4. Apply Mod Podge and smooth down paper or fabric. Let dry. 5. Add a top coat.


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