Mod Podge Rocks 

Fabulous DIY Party Favors in Four Easy Steps

These simple and cute DIY party favors are so easy to make – and use a supply that you already have in your house! These nautical party favors will be a hit.

Gather These Supplies

Mod Podge Matte Scrapbook Paper Foam brush Scissors Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Ribbon


Measure your toilet paper rolls, then measure the scrapbook paper. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit around the rolls using the scissors. You’ll want a little bit of overhang as well.

Add the scrapbook paper to the toilet paper roll. Do this by painting Mod Podge on the toilet paper roll and then wrapping the paper around the roll (work quickly).

Once the toilet paper rolls are dry, you’ll want to bend the tops over. This part is super simple; they bend over very easy.

Don’t forget to add some goodies inside and fold the other side over. Finish off by adding your decorative ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the favor as you would a present.

There ya have it: easy and inexpensive party favors for your next nautical themed party!

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