Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for an Awesome Holiday

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Easter egg decorating has moved way beyond standard dye! Get 60 unique ideas for Easter egg crafts; these are fun for all ages from kid to adult. They are also perfect for all level of crafters including beginners.

Learn how to decorate Easter eggs in a number of ways! These Easter egg crafts are perfect for both kids and adults. Use a variety of craft supplies for these ideas. They work with real or plastic eggs!

Easter Egg Decorating

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Cactus Easter Eggs


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I can barely stand how these these little cacti are! You'll use traditional dye for these, but then also small pens and some tissue paper. And of course, you'll need terra cotta pots!

Gold Confetti Easter Eggs

Turn plastic eggs into confetti Easter eggs with some Mod Podge and sparkle. This fun Easter craft is blingy and makes great decor!

DIY Painted Faux Easter Eggs

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Lolly Jane will show you how to paint eggs the easy way using beautiful pastel paints! You don't need any painting skills to make these; I promise it's VERY easy for beginners.

DIY Nail Polish  Marbled Eggs

You can marble mugs, coasters, and a lot of other things - so why not eggs? These Easter eggs were decorated using nail polish and water.

If you are looking for unique Easter egg ideas, check out these eggs done with gold foil tattoos. Easy to make and there is no mess!

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Decorate Easter Eggs with Tattoos

Did you enjoy these Easter egg crafts?

I love that now there are a variety of supplies used, including paint, Mod Podge, ink, confetti, stickers, glitter, and more.

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