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Craft Paint 101: My Top Tips for Using Acrylic Paint

Are you wondering how to use acrylic paint? I love using acrylic craft paint – it’s one of my top supplies for all of my creative projects. In this article I share my 8 favorite tips with you!

Choose the right type of paint and the right color.

Make sure you read the bottle carefully while you are in the store as opposed to just throwing it into your basket.

I’ve found that good surface preparation can make a project. Not preparing a surface can “break” a project.

Prepare your surface thoroughly.

A poor brush will show brushstrokes or leave brush hairs in your project. I have wanted to throw a project across the room because I couldn’t get a brush hair out of it! Invest in your brushes and they will invest in you.

Use good quality brushes and take care of them.

Paint should only be from the middle of your brush hairs up towards the tip. Do not load the entire brush up to the metal part (know as the ferrule). It’s better to go back and get more paint than to have too much.

Don’t put too much paint on your brush.

Hopefully these tips will help you, especially if you are making home decor, gifts, wall art, or any other projects that need to look fabulous (and flawless!).

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