Mod Podge rocks 

DIY Candlestick Holders Out of Crib Parts

These DIY candlestick holders were made out of the most unexpected materials – baby crib parts! This is the perfect recycled project.

Gather These Supplies:

Crib spindles Scrap piece of wood Jigsaw Screws Drill Mod Podge Hard Coat Small paint brush or foam brush Foam craft paper or felt Candlesticks or votives


Measure the wood for the candlestick base. Find the center of your base and the spindle.

Fully screw the base and spindle together to make sure your hole is sufficient. Collect your decorative supplies

Paint the spindles of your DIY candlestick holders as desired Now, add your beautiful, Mod Podged candle holders to the rest of your fun decor!

This makes for fun DIY candlestick holders as well as a great handmade gift idea!

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