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DIY Candlestick Holders Out of Crib Parts

These DIY candlestick holders were made out of the most unexpected materials – baby crib parts! This is the perfect recycled project.

Skills Required: Beginner. You’re going to be using a jigsaw and potentially some other basic tools. In addition you’ll be painting and Mod Podging fabric. A basic knowledge of crafts and tools is enough to complete this project.

DIY Candlestick Holders Out of Crib Parts

I am so thrilled to have Cristin from Eve of Reduction as a guest today. Her blog is so inspirational – she’s all about reducing consumption, waste, disorder and added maintenance.

I’m talking amazing upcycled crafts and recycled tutorials. She also has a great book called Living Simple, Free & Happy she wrote in 2013, and it’s a great read. Her enthusiasm for simplifying life is contagious, and she’s here today to share a project that I love.

She turned an old crib into DIY candlestick holders with paint and Mod Podge, and they are so bright and cheery. You can decorate any candle holders with a similar method. Here’s how she made them.

DIY candle holders

DIY Candlestick Holders

Gather These Supplies

  • Crib spindles
  • Scrap piece of wood large enough to make 2 squares for the base
  • Jigsaw
  • 2 screws
  • Drill
  • Mod Podge Hard Coat
  • Small paint brush or foam brush
  • Foam craft paper or felt
  • Candlesticks or votives
  • (optional) Paint, paint brushes, mixing tray
Old crib end laying against a brick wall

When I jigsawed apart the ends of the crib, I found that the thick spindles on the end were inserted into dowels and when I pulled them out of the dowels they had a cavity perfect for a tapered candle.

The only trouble was the spindle alone couldn’t hold up the candle securely. I needed to attach a base. So I took the side of a deceptively cheap drawer.

But I couldn’t stop there at boring, fake wood. Mod Podge makes every project that much more vibrant. Who’s with me?

crib spindles and a scrap piece of plywood

I realize everyone may not be hacking up a crib, but spindles can be repurposed from other sources like porches and staircases. If there isn’t a dowel hole, you can make one with a drill or simply set a votive on top instead of candlesticks. This makes for fun DIY candlestick holders as well as a great handmade gift idea!

Cutting scrap plywood with a jigsaw to make candlestick holders

Step 1: Measure the wood for the candlestick base. I used my t-square to draw two 4.5″ squares and cut them out with my jigsaw.

Drill a hole in the base of the crib spindle as well as the plywood

Step 2: Find the center of your base and the spindle. Drill a hole clear through the base and into the bottom of the spindle as far as needed for your screw.

At this point, fully screw the base and spindle together to make sure your hole is sufficient. Then separate them again.

Decorative supplies for making DIY candle holders

Step 3: Collect your decorative supplies: Mod Podge, brush, fabric, paint, paintbrushes, mixing tray and candles that match your fabric.

Fabric Mod Podged to the base piece of plywood

Step 4: Cut your fabric so that it is large enough to wrap to the underside of the base piece. Apply Mod Podge to the top of the candle holder base, brushing it onto the sides and back edge.

Set the base face down onto the center of the reverse side of the fabric and bring the fabric up around the edges and onto the edges of the bottom of the base.

Fold the corners the way you would wrap a present, folding them in to the sides. Brush Mod Podge over the top of the fabric to seal it.

Step 5: Paint the spindles of your DIY candlestick holders as desired.

Step 6: Twist the screw through the base and into the bottom of the spindle to attach the two pieces.

The bottom of the candle holder with fabric Mod Podged on the edges and a screw going through the bottom

Step 7: You’ll notice that the candlestick holder doesn’t sit firm on the table because the screw head in the bottom makes it wobble. Therefore, cut four squares of felt or foam craft paper and attach to each corner.

DIY Candlestick Holders Out of Crib Parts

Now, add your beautiful, Mod Podged candle holders to the rest of your fun decor! You can obviously select the fabrics and colors that work best for your decorating scheme.

How to make candle holders out of crib parts

Let me know what you think of these DIY candlestick holders in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other projects: