Recycle Pill Bottles into Useful Organizers

Tips & tricks

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If you have a giant purse, I have a solution to losing things in the black hole – recycle pill bottles into organizers! So easy to make.

Mod Podge -(Matte or Gloss) Craft Paper Spray Paint Pill Bottles Scissors Sponge Brush

Supplies You’ll Need

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Spray the pill bottles with a coat of white spray paint and let dry. This is especially important if there are labels on the bottles so they don't show through the paper.

 At the same time, spray paint the lids and let dry.

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 Cut a strip of paper to fit around the bottles. IF you find the paper is too big, trim further to fit.

Are you ready to recycle pill bottles?

You can use them for coins, loose earrings, an “emergency kit”, bobby pins, paper clips and the list goes on and on!