Mod Podge Rocks 

Make Rainbow Magnets Using Watercolors!

Learn how to make the cutest rainbow magnets with simple shapes and Mod Podge! These are perfect for kids and beginning crafters.


Acrylic shapes Mod Podge  White cardstock Scissors Watercolors A flat paintbrush  Magnets


Cut pieces of cardstock to the same size as the acrylic shapes. Paint the pieces of cardstock.

Get a lot of color on the brush, and go back in and add more color to the rectangle while the first layer is still wet. Let the rectangles dry completely.

Use a paintbrush to cover a rectangle with Mod Podge. Add a medium coat. Attach the acrylic shape on top of the piece of paper.

Attach magnets to the back using either craft glue or a hot glue gun. Let dry/cool before using.

I just love how these little rainbow magnets look!

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