How to Make a Handprint Ornament the Easy Way!

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Learn the easiest way to make a handprint ornament! Christmas handprints are a favorite with small children! Make special memories with these three cute and easy Christmas craft ideas. So fun for kids and they make great gifts. Santa, Christmas tree, and Reindeer ornament options.

Crayola air dry clay  Acrylic paint – washable/kid safe like Apple Barrel Mod Podge Mini pom poms Sparkly foam Wiggly eyes Baker’s twine Sharpie Wax paper Rolling pin Paintbrushes Knife or craft knife Scissors Hot glue gun Cookie sheet

Gather These Supplies

Break off a “hunk” of the clay and place it on the wax paper. Roll out the clay to about 1/2″ thick. If you find the clay you’ve rolled out isn’t big enough, add more.

Place the hand down into the clay and push. Help toddler age or small children with this by pushing each individual finger and then the base of the palm down.

Lay the clay ornaments out on the wax paper, then on top of the cookie sheet. Let dry overnight (this can take longer if you live in a humid area). DO NOT BAKE.

Once the handprints are fully dry, paint them with acrylic paint. Use any colors you like; let dry.

What do you think of these Christmas handprints? Which handprint ornament is your favorite?