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Crystal Pendant Family Photo Ornaments

Learn how to make pretty family photo ornaments using crystal pendants from a chandelier! Perfect for Christmas, a wedding, or baby gift idea.

Gather These Supplies

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic FolkArt acrylic paint  Chandelier crystals  Family photos Pencil Scissors Paper towel Paint brush Pinch bails  Beads of your choice Crimp tubes

Print out photos in high quality on regular printer paper. Lay crystal on top of photo and trace with a pencil. Cut along the inside of the pencil marks.

Set crystal on piece of paper towel. Apply a thin coat of Dimensional Magic to the back of the crystal, leaving a 1/8″ border.

When Dimensional Magic is dry, paint the back of the paper with the metallic paint. Allow to dry for a few minutes, then brush on a second coat.

Your crystal pendant ornaments are ready to hang from the tree or wrap as a gift.

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