Mod Podge rocks 

Cork Board Jewelry Organizer with Fabric

Avocado  Shake


This was the before picture. It really, really needed a makeover. But it was a great piece overall and only $30.00, total bargain!

Gather These Supplies

Cork sheet(s) Fabric Mod Podge Fabric Mod Podge Bayer Mod Podge Brush Applicator Scissors Hot Glue Gun

Let’s get crafting!

Add Fabric to the Cork Remove the cork board from the backer Use the brush applicator and, starting at the top, add Mod Podge to the corkboard.

Let’s get crafting!

I gently laid my fabric on top and used my brayer tool to help smooth the fabric down. Adding more Mod Podge and laying my fabric on top until the piece was covered.

Let’s get crafting!

I added a thin amount of Mod Podge to the sides and firmly wrapped it in place.

I’m obsessed with this piece now.

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