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Cheesecloth Ghost Made with Mod Podge Stiffy

Making a ghost out of cheesecloth is really easy with fabric stiffener! Learn how to do it in any size you like.


Cheesecloth  Mod Podge Stiffy Aluminum foil Wax paper Styrofoam ball Old coffee creamer bottle 

Scissors Bowl Glow in the dark paint Black Sharpie or cardstock Dropcloth


Tear off two feet of foil and wrap into a tube. Cover the tube with wax paper. These will be the arms.

Place the head on top of the container with the twisted portion down inside.

Place in a bowl and squeeze fabric stiffener on top to cover. Coat the cheesecloth thoroughly with stiffener.

Remove the mold from the bottom of the ghost. Paint with glow in the dark paint and add eyes and a mouth if desired!

I chose to leave mine plain. I don’t know – it seems more spooky that way!

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