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Store Craft Supplies: Do You Know About These?

Get over 20 clever ideas for storing craft supplies! From shelving to carts to bins to drawers, you’ll be organized in no time with these finds.

Ways to Store Craft Supplies

Any “craftaholic” will understand the pains of having an abundance of craft supplies – multiple types of craft paint, Mod Podge, scissors, yarns, strings, buttons, notions, embellishments, stamps, ink pads, chalk, hot glue gun and glue sticks, rubber stamps, knitting needles, crochet hooks . . . the list keeps going on and on.

I can’t help myself sometimes.

I’ve tried on several occasions not to accumulate too big of a stash, and honestly – organizing it helps. When you have to pull everything out of the bags and store it, you realize how much room you do or don’t have.

But, finding the right things isn’t always easy. If you love to craft and create things with your own two hands, you will understand: organization and storage of all of the items can be difficult. A big single drawer just isn’t going to work. Sometimes you need to store craft supplies in smaller drawers, etc.

How do You Store Craft Supplies?

I get asked this question all the time. I have a craft room, and I feel lucky to have it. This is the first time that’s ever happened, and I typically have to be smarter than I normally am about storage and organization.

If you get stumped about storing your craft supplies, I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you. Here are things I recommend and what I would recommend them for. You won’t need all these items by any means, so just take a peek at what works for your particular situation, style, and craft supplies.

Wood Tool & Brush Box

Wood Tool & Brush Box

This is a classic version of the artist’s toolbox with a few modern twists to it. This is a super fun piece, unique because of the raw wood finish and the portability factor. Good for storing ink pads, stamps, colored pencils, markers. Get it here.

Large Art Supply Storage Box

Here’s a larger version that is somewhat like a fisherman’s box. This one is good for scrapbooking supplies and small craft trinkets. The tray for the top can hold just about anything. Get it here.

Pastel, Pen, & Marker Wooden Box

6 Drawer Wood Artist Supply Storage Box

If you find yourself with an amazing amount of colored pencils, specialty markers, chalk, and pens, then you need this fabulous wooden marker storage box. You no longer have to worry about trying to find what you need. Get it here.

Plastic Bin with Handle

ArtBin 6925AA Semi Satchel with Removable Dividers Portable Art & Craft Organizer with Handle

I love plastic bins to store craft supplies. This one is good for card stock, photographs, embellishments, stickers, embossing folders, and pre-cut fabrics. It comes with a lid and a handle so you can tote it around too. Get it here.

24-Drawer Set

Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

These small drawer sets are a godsend for storing tiny items like jewelry parts or hardware. They’re also great for thread and buttons if you’re a sewist (which I am). Get it here.

Pencil Cases

Pencil cases for storing craft supplies

Sometimes you want to keep like-minded supplies together like pencils, pens, crayons, washi tape, stickers, etc. Pencil pouches come in handy for those sorts of situations. Get the one on the left here and the one on the right here.

Storage Dresser with Baskets

Storage dresser with fabric bins

This storage chest is simply gorgeous! It has little drawers on the left and fabric-trimmed wicker baskets on the right. You’ll have no problem storing a huge chunk of your crafting items in this, including projects you’re working on! Get it here.

Modern Craft Dressers

Gray and black craft drawer

The drawers on this are fabric, so they are lightweight, which I like in my craft room. I use this type of unit to store craft supplies like sewing patterns, fabric, plus garland and wreath material that takes up a lot of space. I also like to use these for holiday decor. Get it here.

Modern craft dresser

This piece just speaks to me with its modern looks. Again, I think it would be great for fabric and larger items that take up a lot of space but don’t weigh much! This version also has a normal dresser top for setting things on. Get it here.

Dressers on Wheels

5-Drawer Wood Dresser Chest with Door, Mobile Storage Cabinet

The left side of this rolling cart has two open shelves for larger items (like unfinished surfaces), then drawers on the side for smaller stuff. If you use a printer a lot in your crafts (I do), this is also a perfect place to put it. Get it here.

DEVAISE 7 Drawer Dresser, Storage Cabinet

I have two of these bad boys! I use them to store everything from stamps to hot glue guns to scissors to holiday craft supplies to paintbrushes to scrapbook paper. These are all around good storage systems for random supplies, AND they wheel around. Get it here.

Rolling Carts

Four tier rolling carts

This rolling cart is so beautiful! It has mini drawers to hold of your buttons, notions, embellishments, ink pads, and more! This is something you might need two of. I personally have two and this is where I store all my craft paint – with glue in the holsters on the side. Get them here.

Honey Can Do Cart

This craft storage center is going to be great in holding all of your essential items, and anything that you might need to have readily available to work on any craft project. Not only is it really portable, but you have a built in workspace on the top. Get it here.

Giantex 15-Drawer Organizer Cart Office School Storage Cart Rolling Drawer Cart

This one is the same as the version above, but I wanted to show you the colorful drawers! Get it here.

Sewing & Craft Cart

Sewing & Craft Cart, Soft White Finish

You’ll love this colorful scrapbooking drawer cart setup. You can color code fabrics, embroidery yarns, needles, and more. You can utilize this in so many different ways, and the top is an amazing work surface. Everything you need? Right there, at your fingertips. Get it here.

Craft Storage Bags

Craft Storage Bag on Wheels

If you’re someone that likes to craft on the go, you’re definitely going to fall in love with this art “suitcase.” You can store all of your favorite craft supplies in this with room to spare! It even has room for a sewing machine. Great for keeping your sewing machine protected while you aren’t using it, too. Get it here.

Craft Organizer Tote Bag with Multiple Pockets

A tote like this is perfect if you want to keep a bunch of supplies together, but you’d prefer them not to be in drawers (maybe you want to grab and go, or put out on a table regularly). This type of tote holds scissors, pencils, pens, markers, glue sticks, and other long items quite well. Get it here.

Counter Height Craft Table

Counter Height Craft Table

Where has this craft table been your whole life? It’s simply perfect for just about everything I need. It has a space for a sewing machine, laminator, lamp, and so much more space for you to work with. Get it here.

Project Center Desk with 2 Bookcase Sides

Another craft table option, this time with baskets on the side. This makes a great sewing machine table with built in storage. Get it here.

Scrapbook Paper Holders

IRIS 6-Drawer Scrapbook Cart with Organizer Top, Black

If you’ve never had the pleasure of owning a rolling cart like this to store craft supplies, this is your opportunity! The snap plastic drawers hold punches, paper, scissors, ribbon, and other scrapbooking supplies – and let you pull them out individually as opposed to dragging around the whole cart. This is great for storing in-progress projects. Get it here.

Storage Studios Expandable Paper Organizer 12 Pockets

I love paper envelopes like this for cards and smaller scraps of paper that won’t go used if I don’t keep them organized. That includes book pages, comics, newspaper, and other flat finds that I want to hang onto. Get it here.

Card Catalog

Supply Desk Drawer Organizer - Wooden Storage Box with 16 Drawers

Let nostalgia be your guide, and grab this beautiful piece of craft heaven furniture. You can store so many different craft items and patterns in this card catalog apothecary, AND have fun organizing with the Dewey Decimal system in place. Get it here.

Vinyl Storage

Over the Door Vinyl Roll Storage Rack

This vinyl roll holder is one thing that I need and don’t have! Right now my vinyl is sitting in a drawer, but it’s an incredible waste of space. These vinyl holders are perfect for over-the-door, keeping it out of the way, organized, and in a place you wouldn’t normally use. Get it here.

Vinyl Roll Storage 20-Holes Vinyl Storage Rack for Craft Room

For those who aren’t digging on the back-of-the-door storage, this one is for your tabletop! It’s very easy and adds a colorful touch to your desk. Get it here.

Paint Storage

Wooden Craft Paint Storage Rack for 2 oz paint bottles

Paint is actually quite difficult to store! I use rolling craft carts, but if I didn’t use those, I’d have one of these on my desktop. In fact I’m running out of room and may need to get one anyway. I think it’s cute and it holds 81 bottles of paint! Get it here.

Hex Hive Craft Paint Storage Organizer Rack for 2 oz Paint Bottles

Here’s another option for paint bottle storage – this one holds up to 100 bottles. It also holds smaller rolls of vinyl as well. Get it here.

Staying organized is extremely beneficial when you have a ton of different crafting items and projects going on at the same time. As a multi-tasker crafter, you might need all of these storage items. Which one of these are your favorites? Do you have any others that you think are super cool and recommend?

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