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Fish Photo Frame with a Rustic Feel

Need a great gift for Dad? Create a DIY fish photo frame using a theme he’ll love – Walter made this one with rustic fishing graphics!

Make a DIY frame with a rustic fishing theme - perfect for Father's Day

We are so close to Father’s Day – do you have anything yet? I know, me neither. Typically handmade items can be difficult to pull together at the last minute.

Unless you do something wonderful like this fish photo frame by Walter. A frame is a great gift for dad – it’s quick, and you can use any image that dad loves.

Is he a geek? How about a Star Wars frame? Then if he doesn’t like it, you can send it to me. Ha! Learn how Walter made this fly fishing themed frame below.

I love nautical themed items, maybe because I reside in Rhode Island (also known as the Ocean State). I recently bought this really nice – but awkward – frame and decided to give it a nautical makeover.

It was basically a long piece of wood with a small picture window. But of course I looked at the potential this frame would have, with a little help from my good ole pal: MOD PODGE.

I just love my relationship with Mod Podge, it’s always there when I need it . . . and once again I am left satisfied. Haha!

I made this fish photo frame with a rectangular store bought frame. Then I created an image using copyright free imagery using Photoshop. Don’t fret if you don’t have these skills.

Pick an image off of the internet and try enlarging it to fit your requirements. You can also layer graphics – for instance, a fish on top of a background scrapbook paper.

Fish Photo Frame Supplies

Fish Picture Frame

Gather These Supplies

Remove the metal circle rim (or back) from your frame; mine just popped o


Decoupage the image onto the frame using your Mod Podge and a tool. Let dry for 15 – 20 minutes before applying a top coat. TIP: One of my all time favorite tools is a plastic cookie dough scraper.

Let dry and then cut a slit for the opening with an X-Acto knife.


Sand the edges with a quality nail file. Wipe off the dust and stain with FolkArt stain. I love this stuff! Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

Glue the metal rim back into place (or insert the backing depending on the type of frame that you have). Seal with Polycrylic and your project is completed!

DIY Rustic Themed Fishing Frame

Dad’s going to love this fish photo frame, don’t you think?

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