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Mod Podge Day! Celebrating the 45th Anniversary


Did you know that this year is the 45th anniversary of Mod Podge? Cool, huh? A lot of people have no idea that the product is that old. Though I prefer to say “45 years young,” as Mod Podge is just as amazing as when it first came out. In my humble opinion.

To celebrate Mod Podge‘s anniversary, I was recently invited to attend an event at Plaid’s headquarters here in the Atlanta area. In addition to craft-lebrities and Plaid staff, 50 Michaels Gold Members got to attend and do some crafting. I wanted to share some cool pictures and the excitement of the day. It was especially timely given my new book and the new product. Here’s more.


Behold – a large Mod Podge cake with a spin-y at the top. I imagine several of you would like to back your trucks up and haul this away . . .


Cathie and Steve flew in – to do demos and to talk about “the new stuff” that they helped design. So what is this new stuff?


Well, it’s design elements! This includes papers, acrylic shapes and templates that are PERFECT for Podging. These products are at your local Michaels and you need to check them out. You can do so many fun things with them (projects to come here on MPR!).

In addition, there are new formulas, glues, sprays and other mediums. Try these on for size:

I know – SO much new stuff. I got one of everything to try, so I’ll be showing you in the coming months what I do with it. How am I ever going to use it all?!?


Speaking of formulas, the container on the left is the very first container that Mod Podge ever came in. The container on the right is the second. I LOVE.

Mod Podge Day Collage 2

More oldies but goodies from the archives – a Mod Podge puzzle for the 25th anniversary, a demonstration poster featuring Jan Wetstone, creator of Mod Podge, and an old Mod Podge book “Fabrications with Fabric.”


I mentioned Jan Wetstone, creator of Mod Podge. Guess what? She got to come!! This lovely woman is the whole reason this blog exists, and I was so thrilled to meet her. She is truly amazing. The highlight of the day? She asked ME to sign my book for her!! What? I love her!!


For those who have never seen it, Jan Mod Podged a car with sheets back in the day. I wish I had this car now.

Mod Podge Day Collage

Remember how I mentioned the 50 Michaels Gold Members? They got to Mod Podge their hearts out at various make and take it stations during the day.


We also ate cupcakes and wore rings.


And most of all, I wish all of you could have been there with me! Thanks for reading. When I first started this blog, I didn’t know if I could make it last longer than a month. Four years later, we are still celebrating together. Here’s to Mod Podge and many more years to come.


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Wednesday 20th of June 2012

Congrats Mod Podge! I think I first bought MP in its second container!!!!! :)


Wednesday 20th of June 2012

I keep forgetting that Mod Podge has been around so long! I really couldn't image not having it! I work at Hobby Lobby and was really excited when I saw the Antique and Super Gloss Podges come in a good while ago...can't wait for the new Dimensional Magic! And how cute is Jan and her bug??!

Thanks for sharing Amy!

Walter Silva

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

What a great event!Thanks for sharing!

Tattered Butterfly Studio

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

I've used Modge Podge since I was 7 Years Old. That was in 1972. I now use it on furniture, frames, and more. My business depends on it. When people ask what I use I always say Modge Podge! Happy Birthday. The best product in the decoupage world.


Monday 18th of June 2012

How fun! Thanks for a peek at the celebration! And it's nice to see who the creator of Mod Podge is - glad she could make it to the party!

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