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Glass Block Decor with Duck Tape

Glass block decor is fun and easy! Grab your Duck Tape and a glass block, and make this simple plaid lamp. Perfect for a kids’ room!

Glass block crafts are so fun and easy! Grab your Duck Tape and glass block from the craft store and make this simple plaid lamp. Perfect for a kids' room!

Have you ever tried any glass block decor? I always see the display of them in the craft store but have never figured out what I could do with one.

I’ve been wanting to use Duck Tape in some glass block crafts . . . but I also wanted lights inside (they are typically on the craft store display right next to the blocks). Obviously regular Duck Tape isn’t going to work when you want the block to light up. But guess what does work? Duck Tape Transparent Tints!

Duck Brand Transparent Tints

The Transparent Tints are the same as standard Duck Tape – but they let light through as the name suggests. Pretty cool, huh? I decided that I’d do a plaid pattern with the tapes on my block. Because plaid is trendy, and it always comes back around.

These colors are so fun and I love them all together. This would make a great light for a craft room, but I can see tweens LOVING this project. And it’s easy to do if they want to tackle it themselves! Here’s how.

Glass Block Ideas

Gather These Supplies


Make sure to clean the surface of your glass block. The Duck Tape sticks well but you want it to be clean and clear for crafting!


Place a piece of the Aqua Duck Tape (longer than your glass block) down on your craft mat. Hopefully your mat has the lines like mine.

I placed the tape between the lines and cut in half – which gave me about 1/2″ of Duck Tape in strips. You’ll need three of these strips.


Place one of the strips down the center of your glass block. Then put one strip on either side of the middle strip, evenly spaced.


Repeat with the pink tape – BUT this time you’re going to cut the strips to be 1/4″ wide. You’ll get four strips from one piece. You’ll need five strips total.


You’re going to go the opposite way as you did from the blue tape. Put one strip in the middle and then two strips on either side. Use your craft knife to trim off the ends of all tape!


Your final color is the green tape. For this tape, you’re going to cut the strips at 1/8″. You’ll need ten strips total for this one.


To give the plaid effect, you’ll put four pieces parallel with the blue strips as shown – then you’ll put the other six strips parallel with the pink strips. Trim and you’re done!

Glass block crafts are so fun and easy! Grab your Duck Tape and glass block from the craft store and make this simple plaid lamp. Perfect for a kids' room!

Well – you need to place the lights inside of course. That just takes a few batteries and about a minute of your time. You can keep the base of the glass block open so that it’s easy to turn your lamp on and off!

What do you think about glass block crafts? Are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

So excited! I had no idea about the Duck Tape Tints and your use of it is really a pretty effect. Now I have a million ideas- ugh time! Thanks so much for sharing with us! ???


Friday 28th of October 2016

Great idea!!!