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Decide What to Be and Go Be It Printables

Change can be difficult – these free printables are a reminder to “decide what to be and go be it!” Print one up and hang on the wall.

Decide What to Be and Go Be It

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about change and how difficult it can sometimes feel. So I create two colorful free printables of the same quote: “decide what to be and go be it.” These come in both pink (shown above) and mint.

I mean, I want to be the best mom I can be. I want to be a better friend. I want to be a great business owner and grow my business to help support my family. I want. I want. I want. But yet, here I am.

Still wishing I were something I’m just not yet – because I’m too afraid to get off my booty and try harder.

So . . . for the rest of the week, this is going to be my mantra. I’m going to decide what I want to be, and by golly! I’m gonna be it.

Decide What to Be and Go Be It

Are you ready to grab the free printables? Just click the link below depending on the color version you’re interested in:

Download the pink version here
Download the mint version here

And guys? Go be what you want to be! What’s holding you back?

**Have an idea for future free printables? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other printables:

Debbie / Daqa

Wednesday 24th of April 2013

I have no idea for a new printable, but I do know about the "wanting". I've been thinking for the past 2 years about starting my own webshop, besides my regular parttime job (which has been boring since my pregnancy leave, very very very boring). So I could work from home, work more directly for my money. Last year, I made more detailed plans (not yet detailed enough to start), but more like a business plan. Part of that plan is to develop myself more in a more creative area. And then I saw a vacancy for a volunteer job at a little creative organisation. It was fit for me. It was fit for my plan. It was perfect! Even the amount: 8 hrs a week should be doable besides my job. So there I was. Thinking about applying. Starting my letter. And thinking some more. And decided, I don't have to do this now. I know it is possible, but now I want to focus on my family. I don't want to be creative somewhere else. I want to be creative at home. I'll save this plan for when the kids are going to junior school. After I Chose to keep my hobby a hobby, to try to implement more creativiness in my daily life, I was satisfied. No longer the need to look for other jobs, or starting on my own. I made a choice, I am not restless anymore. I accept that my job can be boring, and I am ok with it. For now ;). I'll review my plans in half a year again, but this printable is just so right!

Oh, I do have an idea for a new printable: A follow up on this one, an artful list (so it is pretty when printing it), and SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant or realistic, and time-bound) Date: Choice: Be a better friend How?: Call friends more often. Send unexpected cards. Meet friends. Measurable & realistic: 1 card, a week, and 1 "date" a month. Review date: 6 months from now. Maybe a bit (lot) less business like though. Oh, and if you don't stick to your plan, then review your plan. Is it realistic to think I'm going to call 3 friends in one week, make 4 cards every week, meet 2 friends every week? Nope. Not for me. Small steps. I should stop now, I'm using too much page space with my comment. I just don't know when to stop... so I'll stop now. greetings, Debbie.


Friday 26th of April 2013

Debbie, Thank you so much for your idea. That is a great one! I know it would be really helpful for me to be able to write out my goals that way.

Also, I'm glad I'm not alone in my "wanting"... It's a tough place to be, right? I'm so glad you were able to figure out what (and WHERE) you wanted to be. Hopefully I can join you in that spot soon!

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