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Change of Address Checklist for an Easy Move

Are you moving to a new home? This FREE change of address checklist will help you keep everything straight and minimize headaches.

Change of Address Checklist for an Easy Move

If you haven’t heard, Steve and I are moving across the country in about six weeks! We’ve sold our condo and are closing soon . . . we’ll be staying in an Air BnB for the month of July as we clean out our studio. (this article is a repost from June 2017)

There’s a lot of transition . . . and a few new addresses. So what we did is get a mailbox at a USPS store so that we would have a stable address the whole time. And now we need to change our address – which prompted me to share this change of address checklist with you!

Maybe you’ve recently moved from one location to another – from one town to the next, or perhaps even across the country.

The excitement and stress of planning, packing, transporting your belongings, moving in, and settling into your new home has passed. Now what?

You have to adjust to life in a new place, getting acquainted with new neighbors, meeting new friends, and making a life for yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. It takes time, and you can do it!

Getting settled into your new home can be overwhelming. Take a moment to get your bearings, and then get down to business.

Row of mailboxes

The first thing you’ll need to tackle is getting your address changed. You can have your mail forwarded for a while, but you’ll want to go ahead and notify everyone of your new address.

Yes, it’s a little time-consuming. Some places may be easy to change your address, requiring a simple form filled out online, but other places may require you to mail things in or make a phone call.

Addresses to Change when Moving

I’ve made it easy for you by providing you a change of address checklist of people and places to remember below.

Moving change of address checklist printable

Here’s a checklist to help you with your change of address after you move. The printable included below will help you have a place to check off each one as you complete it. These are the 11 most important people and places to remember!

1. POST OFFICE – First of all, you will want to go to the post office to give them your forwarding address (you can also complete their form online here).

This will buy you some time as you make changes everywhere else over time. Your forwarded mail will also give you a reminder as you see who is sending you mail and needs to be informed of your new address.

2. EMPLOYER – The next obvious place to change your address is with your employer. If you switched jobs, you will need to inform your old employer of your new address so they can send you any paychecks you may still have coming to you, and so they can send you your tax forms at the end of the year. If you still have the same employer, you’ll still need to give them your new address, for the same reasons.

3. GOVERNMENT – Another very important task is to cover your bases with government agencies such as the DMV (change your driver’s license!), the IRS, your voter registration, Social Security, and places that you’re affiliated with such as Citizenship and Immigration Services or Veteran’s Affairs.

4. FINANCIAL – Financial Institutions you deal with will need to know your new information as well. Be sure to tell the following places: banks, lenders, credit cards, and investments.

5. INSURANCE – Also tell your insurance companies of your move: health, dental, life, auto, and home/renter’s insurance companies.

6. HOME SERVICES – Change over all your information with your home/apartment utilities and services such as gas, water, power, internet/TV/phone, waste management, cleaning and landscaping companies.

7. CARE PROVIDERS – Call up your medical care and childcare providers and let them know your new address. These would be people such as your family physician, pediatrician, veterinarian, and babysitters.

8. LAWYER – If you have one, your lawyer will need to know how to reach you now as well.

9. CHURCH – Tell your church of your move, usually after you’ve found a new church, you’ll transfer your membership. If your new home is close to your old church and you’ll remain members there, you’ll still need to inform them of your new address.

10. MEMBERSHIPS – Think of all your memberships to places you frequent or businesses from which you subscribe to services.

These would include places such as your gym, pool or sports clubs, retail clubs (like Sam’s, Costco, BJ’s, etc), clubs or sports in which your children are involved, magazine subscriptions and subscription boxes.

11. ONLINE – Finally, be sure to change your address with any online services you work with, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, and any apps you may use frequently, such as your GPS “home” location.

Addresses to Change when Moving

When you move, you will need to notify every business and person you care about of your new address. This change of address checklist of the 10 most important people and places to remember should help you. Download it below.

Download your change of address checklist here

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Creative Khadija

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Best of luck to you both. I hope you will be having great time at new place & everything will settle down perfectly soon. I am glad to read about this useful article with accurate info. Have a great day! Thanks Khadija