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Budget Crafts

Calling handmade items “cheap crafts” is probably not the best idea given the connotation. But if you love to make stuff and love to save money at the same time, these budget crafts are for you!

You can scroll down for a list of cheap craft ideas with Mod Podge (which itself is an inexpensive craft supply). Before we get to that, I wanted to give you my top five tips for cheap crafts.

Five Tips for Making Cheap Crafts

  1. Shop the thrift store and/or dollar store for surfaces. The thrift store especially has quality items at an enormous discount. You can get so many awesome surfaces in need of a beautiful re-do!
  2. Use coupons when shopping at the craft stores. Every craft store I shop at has an app, and I have them all on my smartphone. I never make a purchase at a craft store without using a coupon.
  3. Wait for sales. Every so often, the craft stores and other retailers have sales on their supplies. I love it when Michaels has a 20% off all regular priced items, and that’s when I pounce and stock up! Get to know their sales patterns and save money just by paying attention.
  4. Swap supplies with friends. If you have friends that craft, they probably have unused supplies they only used once or twice – and you probably have them too. Share your supplies to save!
  5. Consider selling. I know many a person that has funded their craft addiction by selling the projects when they’re done and then starting again. Some have gotten some pretty solid businesses up off the ground! Selling isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you.

You might like cheap crafts and saving money, but don’t sacrifice quality. Don’t skimp on paint, scissors, scrapbook paper, etc.¬†Use your coupons on the quality craft supplies like Mod Podge so that you have them on hand but didn’t pay full price.

Are you ready to see some awesome cheap crafts – that don’t look cheap? Scroll through the projects below!

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