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Book Birdhouse for Super Cool Home Decor

Want to make a book birdhouse? Use the jacket as the roof and decoupage the exterior with pages from the inside. Fun and easy project!

Mod Podge board book house

I found this birdhouse on Daily Danny – an eco-friendly blog by green living expert Danny Seo – and it reminded me of a funny story. You see, I LOVED The Fox & Hound when I was little.

So much so that my mom ordered me a personalized Fox & Hound story where the printer puts the child’s (my) name in the text (see an example of what I’m talking about here).

The problem is that I thought the book was really about me – that someone had written it specially about yours truly. My best friend Stephani’s name was even in there, so I was sure!

I guess I was a very literal child. Anyhoo, seeing this Fox & Hound book birdhouse brings it all back. And makes me smile.

Unfortunately the posts no longer exists so you’ll have to use this photo for inspiration. But what I would do to make it is decoupage a regular birdhouse with book pages and then add a book on top!

In fact, this is what Danny said about it (he made it originally): “Use the jacket as the roof and decoupage the exterior with pages from the inside.” Sounds easy enough.

It would be very fun to do a winter-themed board book birdhouse for this time of year, or even for any holiday. Plus, what a great recycled craft idea, don’t you think?

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