Make a DIY outdoor serving station #DIHworkshop

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How to make a DIY outdoor serving stationWe have been hooked on entertaining this summer, which is kind of weird for me – I’m not typically an entertainer. But I really, really enjoy my neighbors! We’ve been spending a lot of time outside together grilling, having drinks, and just generally enjoying each other’s company. It’s pretty cool!

I’ve told you before that I’m not a DIY’er by nature, but this summer we’ve not only been entertaining, but we’ve been trying some projects around here that require using a SAW. And I’m better at it than I thought! Given that we enjoy hosting our neighbors quite a bit, we decided to add a cool serving station to our porch. And we learned to do it from a class at The Home Depot. The Home Depot actually hosts these types of classes monthly, called “Do it Herself Workshops.” They are great for anyone who wants to get the skills and confidence to be a DIYer. Each class offers step-by-step instructions and hands on experience learning to do simple décor and easy home improvements. These Do-It-Herself Workshops are held monthly at all The Home Depot store locations and empower women with the skills and knowledge to take their home improvement project plans from dreams to done. This DIY outdoor serving station is one of those projects. And it’s SO much easier than you would think!

I was able to receive instruction on how to build this serving station, and I’m excited to show you how to do it today! You’ll be able to see it demonstrated at the next workshop on June 18th at your local The Home Depot location. Let me show you how I did it.

FullSizeRenderGather These Supplies

  • 24″ x 24″, 3/4″ wood project panel – we also purchased a 1/4″ thick project panel as well for the back (this is optional)
  • 10′ long 1×6 pine board
  • Nailer with 1 1/4″ nails
  • Wood glue
  • Stain
  • Four 5/8″ screws
  • 2″ hook & eye kit
  • Five foot jack chain and pliers
  • Two-pack of 3″ utility hinges
  • Four 3″ deck screws
  • Two 3″ corner braces (approximately 2″ x 4″ x 1/2″)
  • Circular saw
  • Level
  • Drill with driving bits (and masonry bits if you want to attach your serving station to brick)
  • Safety goggles
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Gloves


Using a circular saw, cut the one-by-six into two 18 /43 inch pieces, two 22 1/2 inch pieces, one 17 1/4 inch piece, and one 10 7/8 inch piece. Then cut the project panel into a 2-foot by 18-inch rectangle. If you don’t know how to use a saw, don’t worry . . . the Do It Herself workshop is interactive and hands-on! It’s a great opportunity to fine tune your DIY skills and pick up tips and advice from the pros.

FullSizeRender-1We decided to add our own personal touch to the project by putting a back on the outdoor station (that is the 2 foot x 2 foot 1/4″ board). Simply cut one notch on each side at the top to fit the size corner braces that you purchased.

IMG_1131 IMG_1134You are then going to sand and stain your wood. I’ve always found the easy way to stain is to brush it on and wipe off the excess with a cloth. Let everything dry.

IMG_1136 IMG_1138 IMG_1139Create the box using the 22 1/2 inch pieces for the top and bottom, and the 18 3/4 inch pieces for the sides. Double check to make sure everything fits . . . then glue and nail gun it together.

Our variation required stapling the back to the box.

IMG_1140We then attached the divider and the shelf on the inside. Find the center of the box and insert the board measuring 17 1/4 inches – glue and nail it in place.

Do the same with the 10 7/8 inch board – positioning it horizontally at the 9 3/8 inch mark. Secure it with the glue and nails.

IMG_6370Attach the folding top using the hinges (set it upright on a table to make sure everything is even). Make sure to leave about an 1/8 inch gap so the hinges can easily fold when attached.

IMG_6371 IMG_6372Cut the chain in half and attach on both sides using the 5/8 inch screws. Make sure that you measure correctly so that the chain is attached in the same location on both sides – both on the station and on the door.

IMG_6360Then attach a hook and eye – we actually did one on both sides because our package came with two.

IMG_6362Then we added the corner braces. If you don’t have a back, it’s easy – but even if you do have a back, it’s still easy! If you measured, you should have plenty of room for your corner braces, on both sides.

Use the deck screws to mount to the wall (be sure to find a stud). If you drill into brick, use a masonry bit.

You’re going to LOVE it!!

Make a DIY outdoor serving stationCan I tell you how much I love my outdoor serving station? I can’t wait to DIY something else! Now grab a girlfriend (or two or more) and head to The Home Depot on the third Thursday of each month for The Home Depot’s DIH Workshop.

hd_logo_bloggerDo you want to learn more? Register online today to attend this month’s workshop. You won’t regret it – I promise!

What do you think of my serving station?