Superhero crafts: easy magnets

Superhero crafts - make magnetsEveryone is in need of a superhero sometimes, don’t you think? To me a superhero is someone who pulls out of a space close to the front door of the grocery right when you are pulling up, or someone that lets you ahead of them in line at the post office because you only have one letter and they have a stack. Superheroes sometimes don’t even know they are being one.

I also like more traditional superheroes, like Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America. It must be from having four brothers, but I love superhero movies just as much as romantic comedies! I like to incorporate them into my crafts whenever possible . . . and so I appreciate these comic book magnets from Amanda featuring some of my favorite superhero idols. Take a peek at her tutorial below, and then grab your Podgeable Shapes. You’ll have these decoupaged in minutes! Who are your favorite superheroes?

Superhero comic book magnets at Crafts By Amanda