How to make a lampshade

How to make a lampshadeI’ve seen quite a few lampshades decorated with Mod Podge – I even did one for my Mod Podge Rocks book. But Lakshmi took it up a notch with this lampshade that she made from scratch, using Mod Podge as a paper mache paste. You had no idea you could use Mod Podge for that, did you? You’ll need a mold of some sort to make the lampshade the size and shape that you want, but besides that, making the shade is pretty simple. Read Lakshmi’s tutorial at the link below; she makes a paste with flour but I’ll leave that up to you (you can add a touch of flour to your Mod Podge if you think it’s too runny). Let me know how your lampshade construction goes!

DIY paper mache craft – lampshade at Made By Lakshmi