DIY matryoshka plaques

DIY matryoshka plaqueI recently moved into my studio and realized that somehow I brought a whole bunch of magazines with me. How did that happen? I don’t need them and they are just taking up space. So I’m going to tear out my favorite ideas and recycle the rest – and how am I going to recycle them, you ask? Why with Mod Podge, of course. Everything about this DIY matryoshka plaque tutorial above is recycled, including the scrap wood (which would get throw away eventually) and the magazines (which always end up in the trash bin. I love how pretty these are and I want to make some immediately. And then my mind goes to what other characters I could make with wood plaques and recycled magazines? The possibilities are endless!

Matryoshka plaque at Over the Apple Tree


  1. Katherine says

    Waaaay cute! I’m so glad you share these things with us – I’m waiting for my photos on reclaimed wood canvases to dry as we speak. YAY!