Upcycle a can with comic books

Decoupaged comic book craft - toy canGrowing up in a house with four brothers, I have a serious appreciation for comic books. They also happen to make one of the best papers to decoupage with in the history of the universe. Comic books are perfect for making coasters, revamping furniture, covering canvas . . . anything you can think of, they decoupage on top of with ease. Susan decided to use comic books to cover a recycled tin, and as you can see, they work perfectly for toy storage. And if you have older children, they can even help you with the project! If you have precious comic books that you don’t want to damage, go ahead and copy those bad boys using a laserjet copier and get to decoupaging. For more instructions on how to make this can, learn from Susan below.

Upcycled comic book can at Organized 31

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  1. Susan says

    Thanks for sharing my Upcycled Comic Book Can. I’m inspired to make more Mod Podge comic book crafts after looking at the 15 you shared. I lo-ove the comic book shoes!