Time for a fun girls’ day out

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I told you recently that one of the reasons I'm doing a fun Summer of Groupon is because I work too hard. I don't take enough vacations and time for myself! I imagine that a lot of you are in the same boat, including those of you that are homemakers. Women, in general, are guilty of not taking enough "girl time."

I have a great suggestion for you, even if you have a hard time breaking away from the home or office. I call it "facials and ice cream," and you only need a few hours. Grab a girlfriend, play hooky and try it!

My friend Maya and I took an early afternoon for our facials and ice cream adventure. We were so thrilled . . . it felt like skipping school and we kept laughing about it. We found a lovely lady to give us facials on Groupon – and also found some discounts on Cold Stone Creamery (a twofer) so we knew that had to be part of our fun afternoon as well.


If you've never had a facial, I'm about to walk you through it. They are SO relaxing.You get to wear soft robes or towels and lay down. Then you get warm steam on your face.


You get masks put on and facial massage the whole time.


There's lots of exfoliation.


And even more relaxing.


And I really love the masks. Maya and I chatted with our aesthetician during the process, though you don't have to, but I like to talk. We learned that she is royalty. I'm being absolutely serious too. She is royalty from west Africa! She told us about her tribe, her castle, and her grandfather that had tons of wives. Zeena was fascinating!


Your skin will look and feeling amazing afterwards. Then your friend can get her facial done, too.


Afterwards, we paid a visit to Cold Stone. This is my FAVORITE ice cream place in the whole world.

Facials and ice creamjpg

Because they put the ice cream on a stone cold block, mix your choice of ingredients in with paddles, and then serve it to you in a cup. I call the process "smack it up, flip it, and rub it down."


Delicious! Maya and I had the best afternoon, then headed home to get back to real life.

So grab a girlfriend, grab a Groupon, and take a few hours off for facials and ice cream. We've already talked about repeating this with some other Groupons – maybe next time it will be massage and Italian ice? You never know!

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  1. Heather M. says

    I have enjoyed reading about your Summer of Groupon so far. Sadly, I live in a VERY rural area and few offers are available within a 3 hour drive.

  2. says

    I’ve never had a facial…but now I totally want one!! And we already adore us some Groupon. When we travel, I buy Groupons in that city for a cheaper way to eat and be entertained while we’re there! And you get to experience stuff you may not have otherwise!