Taking on the southern biathlon

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Welcome to the summer biathlon

I have a dream. It's the dream of the biathlon – you know, the Olympic sport that involves skiing and shooting together. You can laugh, but I'm being serious! You see, I'm of Norwegian descent, and biathlon started as a training exercise for the Norwegian army. I've been wanting to try biathlon for quite awhile, but there's just one problem – there's not exactly a snowy training ground here in Georgia.

So my friend Maya (big thanks to her for accompanying me on my crazy adventure!) and I decided to tackle a southern version of the biathlon: shooting and stand up paddleboarding. You can't say we aren't good at improvising, right? So here's our southern biathlon. And we did it using Groupon!


We started by trying each event separately, to learn what we were getting into. Our first step in the challenge was the shooting. We headed to a little place I like to call "Range, Guns, & Safes" north of Atlanta. And that's exactly what they offered there!


The Groupon was good for everything we needed – including the weapon. Now I know in the biathlon they use rifles, but this is my first time! So I just started with the basics.


This is my favorite picture from the range. Maya is nervous – and I was nervous too! Shooting isn't for weenies. You have to take all sorts of safety precautions.


We had my manfriend Steve show us how to do it, since he had a bit more experience.


It wasn't long before we started looking like professionals!


And maybe a bit like Charlie's Angels, if I do say so myself.


I'm going to be honest – it was nerve wracking, fun, and crazy all at the same time. I'm always glad for a new experience!


We have awhile to go until our weapon skills are suitable for the "real" biathlon – but hey, it's a great start! NEXT on the list . . . stand up paddleboarding! This Groupon was a smokin' deal for a company called Urban Currents on a popular river nearby – and included a guide!


You hop on the bus and they take you to the river.

On the bus collage

Are we ever going to be able to paddleboard and shoot at the same time? Hmm . . . let's just tackle the paddleboarding for now.

SUP Collage

We got a bit of instruction from Chris, our lovely teacher . . . and then we drug our paddleboards down to the river and got on.


If you've never paddleboarded before, it's a blast. You start on your knees and then hop up to your feet.


It was hard to get pictures of myself, so I have a special treat for you. I wore a GoPro down the river, and I filmed some of my experience. Welcome to the Chattahoochee! Check out this sweet footage:

I hope you enjoyed the southern biathlon! As you can imagine, the next step would be to combine these two activities – shooting and stand up paddleboarding – to give ourselves a REAL challenge. I don't know if that's going to happen any time soon, but regardless, I am more than thrilled that we got to try two things I've always wanted to do!

Don't forget to visit Groupon for the latest additions to their Summer Shop, and exciting adventures and deals in your area. Maybe you can make up a biathlon of your very own . . .

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  1. says

    Your life is AWESOME! Totally jelly of all your kick-butt adventures. I adore Groupon–it’s the only way I can afford to do anything FUN!!

  2. says

    Oh man, I nearly forgot about the phenomenon of safety deposit boxes at ranges. Safer than a bank :)
    Looks like you guys are having too much fun! You show those Norwegians how it’s done.

  3. says

    you are a rock star! girl, i tried to get up on those boards on our vacation – it didn’t happen!!! but my husband LOVED it. will have to see if we have any groupons for our area!!!

  4. Jennifer Priest says

    This is awesome! Love all your adventures. And I never knew there were Groupons for these activities!!!

  5. says

    Why do you look like such a natural with a gun??? I love when they give you the target as a souvenir. And then you want to hang it on your living room wall. And that is kind of weird, at least for anyone that comes over to visit. it makes them a little uncomfortable. :)