On taking cooking lessons

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Cooking class

My mom was a Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at her high school when she graduated in 1969. It was a pretty cool program that provided scholarships to girls! Based on her crown you might think my mom would love to cook, right? Um . . . haha . . . no. I can't blame her though. There were seven of us in the family,

and cooking for seven probably isn't as glorious as it might seem. I learned a lot from my parents, but how to cook isn't one of those things. I've always seen cooking as necessary evil, but since you pretty much have to cook to eat, I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit and find the fun in it.

Where to begin?

A cooking class I found on Groupon, of course! I went to The Cooking School at Irwin Street for this class. And for this experience, I took the "group" in Groupon very seriously – I brought my friends Sarah, Mike, and Maya. I think somewhere deep down inside I knew it would be more fun as a group experience, and it was! Since I'm not a chef by any means, I had no idea what to expect except for the obvious cooking equipment. I did not expect that Chef Tony would have such an amazing kitchen . . . .


And that the presentation of our supplies would be beautiful:


But I should have guessed. Chef Tony is authentically Italian, and he doesn't come to play. In fact the class we were taking was homemade mushroom ravioli, and these supplies you see were to make the ravioli shells (?) from scratch.

Mixing the dough is like being a little kid again and working with mud pies . . . . though I was kind of sad about ruining Chef Tony's amazing presentation of the semolina and eggs. But I did enjoy working with the dough and mushing it around in my hands.


I can see how a good pasta cooking session can help you take out your frustrations. ESPECIALLY rolling out the dough. Have you ever rolled out semolina and eggs? It's hard. And I made some crazy faces.

Rolling out the dough

What made me laugh the most was how my dough turned out. The shape was odd to say the least . . .


When everyone else's looked like this.


But when you have Chef Tony telling funny stories about his grandmother and you are in class with your friends, who cares what your dough looks like? There was also no shortage of "that's what she said" jokes supplied by yours truly. Which can't be helped when you are talking about dough balls.

Cooking with friends

You finish by cutting the dough into squares, and then stuffing the ravioli.

IMG_1732 IMG_1742

That's all there is to making ravioli! I mean, it's not the easiest thing ever, but it's simpler than I thought. We got to put some of the ravioli in the pot and Chef Tony cooked it for us. He also cleaned up after us as we went (bless him).

IMG_1737 Delicious ravioli

And this is the finished product (Chef Tony made the pesto)!!!


And the best part? You eat with everyone! It was so fun and our food was delicious.

My Groupon cooking class was a blast! One last thing – you would enjoy this type of class no matter what your experience level. It's a great experience for friends but also for couples, too.

Are cooking classes available near you? Find out in the Groupon Summer Shop – and see what other fun activities and eats are going on in your town. See you again soon with my next adventure!

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