Overcoming fears: a day in the trees

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Do you have a fear of heights? If so, I'm excited to tell you this story. A story of overcoming fears. A story of looking within ourselves and facing demons. But most importantly, a story of getting sweaty and racing down wire lines in rock climbing harnesses . . . also known as ziplining!

A group of us decided to head up to North Georgia Canopy Tours using a Groupon and try ziplining for the first time.

The words "canopy tour" to me sound a bit intimidating. Are we jumping from treetop to treetop like flying squirrels? Swinging via ropes like Tarzan? Then throw a little bit of nervousness about heights in there. Most of you know that I don't love to fly . . . is soaring through the trees going to be okay? Well, you never know until you try – and part of my goal this summer is to get a little adventurous, so up to Lula, Georgia we went.

Getting ready

The first step for any canopy tour is to wear proper "canopy surfing" equipment – also known as harnesses. And I have to say, if you have never ziplined before and want to try, you need to fly here and do it. Our guides Kyle and David were amazing, and kept us safe the whole tour. A big part of overcoming your height fears in this situation is feeling safe . . . and there was never one time that we were compromised. That really helped!


It helps to get a little silly when you are getting ready to calm the nerves.

Ziplining collage

This includes making stupid faces.

The preparation to go on your canopy tour is very minimal. You do a short training course and then go. The way our guides "broke" us in was to start with a short zip, then the zips got progressively longer as we went.


As you begin zipping, don't look down (if you have a fear of heights). Focus on getting from point A to B at first, and wait until you get comfortable to start looking around.


The nice thing is that you always have a guide looking out for your safety, and an amazing group of people cheering you on. 

Showing Off.

And before long, you find yourself turning into a show pony, practically doing flips in the air!! Well, okay – maybe not flips.


But seriously, we had an absolutely amazing time. We spent so much time smiling and laughing that we didn't even remember we were scared of heights.


And by the end we were rappelling like rock climbing professionals!

If you want a taste of ziplining, and I know you do, take a peek at my GoPro video:

Huge thanks to North Georgia Canopy Tours and especially our guides David and Kyle for making the day great! And last but not least, thanks to Groupon for the amazing deal that allowed us to conquer our fears.


What is our next adventure going to be? Well, you'll just have to come back and find out! In the meantime, visit Groupon's Summer Shop for awesome events in your area. I bet you can even find a ziplining tour of your own.

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