Jewelry making for dummies

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I’m beyond excited to share with you my latest adventure! I’ve forayed into the world of jewelry making, my friends. REAL jewelry making – like with saws, wire, metal, and flames. A female version of how men sit around the campfire and eat cooked meats! One of my closest friends Candie Cooper is a jewelry maker (with a real degree in it), and I’ve always wanted to know what goes into it. So you better believe that when Groupon had a deal for jewelry making at Amalgam Arts Atlanta, I was all over it. Take me to your studio!


I was surprised to see that a jewelry studio actually looks nothing like I expected. I sort of pictured a bead store with a little table for working at. You know, with bead curtains that you walk through and jewelry in states of being made everywhere. But it looks a lot like a real workshop – and that’s because it is! It was moments into our lesson that I realized what was really required in jewelry making.

Jewelry studio IMG_1386

There is sawing on metal, my friends. Pounding with hammers. Lighting things on fire. And all this to make a gorgeous ring:


(This ring is not mine; it’s the finished piece when we are done with the class and I’m just modeling).


I brought my friend Maya, and we learned how to use jewelry saws. We even learned how to change the blades!!


I’m going to be honest, I LOVED learning how to use the tools. Once we sawed the metal, we learned how to bend it, solder it, and turn our ring into a circle. At times, we even got a little punchy:

Things get crazy

But we did great! Our instructor was absolutely amazing. She’s such a talented jewelry maker and a perfect teacher. Plus she let us use a soldering tool. I’ve always wanted to do that!


Take a peek at the video below to get a summary of what we did on our first night.

Yep, we’re going back!


Right now our metal bands are complete, and we’re so excited to go back and finish them. After the ring we have two other projects – which is a smokin’ deal for the 50% coupon that we got from Groupon. I can’t wait for next week! Here are some final shots from the night – my shoe/sock combo and the teacher’s dog Rabbit:

More fun

I’m having such an awesome time with my Summer of Groupon adventures. You have to come back and visit in a few days, because the next adventure is going to be so wild that I’m using a video camera to capture it. See you soon, and don’t forget to visit Groupon for the latest additions to their Summer Shop, and exciting adventures and deals in your area!

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