Faux antique thumbtacks using Mod Melts

Faux antique tacks using Mod MeltsThere are so many things you can do with Mod Melts – I think you’ll be surprised at how diverse these little bits of wonder are. You can use them in home decor projects, jewelry, fashion, and more. Morena made some thumbtacks with these, but I love the extra little touch she gave them – her finish gives them a lovely faux brass look! You can add this finish to a lot of things, not just Mod Melts . . . but you could have fooled me that these tacks aren’t real metal. To learn exactly how Morena did it, visit the link below.

Faux antique brass tacks at Morena’s Corner

PS – Morena is a Mod Podge expert, and you can see more of her amazing decoupage ideas here: