DIY star wind chimes

Super star wind chimesA little known something I don’t often talk about is my tattoos. I actually have six of them – and three of those involve stars. I just really love stars, what can I say? It started when I was young and my mom gave me a silver star bracelet for Christmas in my stocking (I still have it). Since then I’ve kind of considered it my personal symbol, and there you have it. So when I saw these wind chimes, you can imagine how much I loved them. Not only are they stars, but they are BLUE – my favorite color. It’s almost as if Tara made them just for me! You can build your own wind chimes following her tutorial, and use Mod Podge Outdoor as your sealer. It’s highly weather resistant, so your project is protected for . . . well, a long time. Learn how Tara made these awesome star wind chimes below.

DIY star wind chimes at Crafts Unleashed