Decoupage a stained glass house

Make a stained glass houseAwhile back I made a little faux “stained glass” house with tissue paper and a paper mache base. It was a great kids’ craft if you are just wanting a simple surface from the craft store. Well, Leslie actually built her little stained glass house from scratch (plastic) and used cellophane to give it a real stained glass look! This project is fun because your kids can construct the home themselves from plastic containers, which is a perfect recycled craft. Then they can add the the cellophane and decoupage to finish it up, and you can basically give them a construction license from there. If your children are getting the end-of-summer boredom blues, this is the perfect craft idea to keep them busy for awhile. Visit Leslie below to learn how to make it!

Make a stained glass house using cellophane at Pink Stripey Socks