How to decorate a journal

how to decorate your own journalI don’t think I’ve ever talked about my first experience with school. I went to preschool, but my mom had to mentally prepare me for all-day school because I was quite a homebody (still am). She told me that I would go to kindergarden, and it would be really fun! I’d have a great time! I’d make friends and ride the bus! Well, it sounded pretty good, so I went. When I came home and told my mom that it was fun, and what were we doing tomorrow? she let me know I’d be returning to school the next day – which apparently didn’t sink in to my little 5 year old brain until just that very moment. I thought I only needed to go once! Let’s just say it was a rough year as my mom took me kicking and screaming to school each day. Somehow I made it through high school and beyond, but what a crazy start.

What prompted that story? Well, this idea for decoupaging and stenciling your own journal/notebook reminded me of the part of school I did enjoy – decorating my supplies. Why spend a lot on school stuff? Just buy the basics and let your kids have some fun with personalization. And learn how to do it below.

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