Decorate your camera lens cap

Decorate your camera lens cap with Dimensional MagicI’m so embarrassed. I pulled my camera out of its bag the other day and realize I was missing TWO pieces from my lovely Nikon. This included the lens cap and one of the side pieces. My photographer boyfriend was absolutely die if he knew about this! He insists that I take perfect care of my camera, which I’ve always tried to do (at least in front of his face). So what I did to resolve the situation was immediately place an order on Amazon for the pieces . . . but then I realized I needed a way to attach the lens cap or it was going to go bye-bye again. So what is a girl to do? Decorate her lens cap and attach it with a chain, inspired by Emi’s tutorial. I love the tute, but I especially love that she added Dimensional Magic, which is my fave. If you are camera accessory challenged, sneak the pieces into your home and decorate them just like I’m going to. The brightly colored fabric will hopefully ensure that we (I) don’t lose them again.

Camera lens cap decoration at Small Good Things