Decoden buried treasure cell phone case

Make a decoden cell phone caseJustine from Sew Country Chick is a decoden enthusiast, so she’s the perfect person to share a new Mod Podge product with you! If you haven’t heard of Mod Podge Collage Clay, it’s the latest brain child of Cathie and Steve . . . and you can use it along with their Mod Melts and Molds to create some fun and unique projects. I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about, so read on to learn more!
Recently I bought a Samsung Mega. Basically, it’s as big as a brick! Think 80’s size cell phones. So, I decided to be really crazy and decorate it in decoden style using Mod Podge Collage Clay and some jewelry charms and rhinestones. Now, no one will miss me from a mile away!

Being a former mosaic artist, I found that I love decoden. What is decoden, you ask? A fun and funky craft trend that started in Japan, decoden (also spelled dekoden) is for all of us who love glittery and embellished stuff . . . cell phones, our fingernails, clocks, you name it! The term “deco” is short for decorated and “den” is short for “denwa” meaning “phone” in Japanese. So what it literally really means is “decorated cell phone.” You can decoden anything these days, but cell phone cases are the most popular and where the trend started.

Here is how I made my decoden cell phone case.

casesupplies1Gather These Supplies

  • Cell phone case
  • Mod Podge Collage Clay
  • Jewelry Charms
  • Rhinestones

casetute2The collage clay comes with three different decorating tips. It’s just like using sugar frosting, but a lot easier. I should know because I’m a total failure at baking.

casedetailJust add the tip you want to the Collage Clay bag, then squeeze it through in little dollops.Embed whatever tchotchkes you want into the clay, which will be the texture of dessert frosting. I also sprinkled some glitter onto the clay while it was still wet. Then I upped the bling with rhinestones.

casedryingCollage Clay takes awhile to completely cure. I left my case on the windowsill for two days.

Decoden buried treasure cell phone caseOnce it’s dry it’s very durable. I’m ready to hit the beach with my Buried Treasure cell phone case!

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